Looking over this Maricopa County Twitter thread a few things pop to mind:

– Of course Biden is going to have more votes, they rigged the entire election for him. They even released a virus on the world to help him. 

– Tomorrow won’t be about showing Trump had more totals, it’s about displaying the FRAUD on a massive scale. 

– Maricopa is worried about how the report reflects they conducted the election, hopefully we get a solid glance at how they conducted their fraudulent election so we can pass election reform.

– We do not need to prove anything to anyone, we need the country to witness undeniable proof that the election was stolen from Trump. 

– It’s a huge worry for the MSM and other states trying to stop it from happening there, in Pennsylvania the AG has sued R’s attempting to halt them from proceeding with their own audit. 

– Our great Democrat Politicians are attempting to gaslight the report with their J6 ‘hit team’, taking focus off AZ and shining it on ThE wOrSt DaY iN AmEriCaS history. They’re panicked. Big time.

– Manage expectations, I personally don’t see this being a report saying Trump won by 500,000 votes. But it should show why Trump didn’t win by 500,000 votes. 

– Pray for the Patriots delivering tomorrow, the DS is panicking. You never know what these people will throw at them. 

God bless everyone, God bless America. 🇺🇸