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POTUS tells a conversation he had yesterday:

“There was a 5-year-old child. I asked the child what would you do…would you leave the military until all the civilians are out…or would you take the military out first…

‘Sir, I’d lead the military in.’ He was 5.”


“If we don’t have great elections, if we don’t have borders, if we don’t have the things they’re taking away from us, we’re not going to have a Country anymore.” – President Trump


President Trump: The evidence of election fraud is coming out, “far, far beyond what we need” 💯💯💯


President Trump warns America is “going to die before your eyes if this craziness doesn’t stop”


“We are seeing what happens when you have a dishonest election. This is what happens. Our nation is being destroyed by people who have no right to destroy it.” – President Trump


“Just recently, Wisconsin election officials admitted they removed more than 200,000 voters from the rolls. By the way, that’s 10 times more than I needed to win”


“In Nevada, it was recently discovered that 15 out of the 17 counties had more votes than voters”


“A recent trend analysis of all 50 states, based on population growth, voter history, and voter registration data, by one of the most respected people in that industry Captain Seth Keshel found over 8 million EXCESS Biden votes…And his estimate is conservative.”


President Trump notes @ Rasmussen_Poll that 55% of voters want election audits 

“And they want the forensic audits, they don’t want the bull**** audits.”



President Trump gives big shout out to Mike Lindell, a great patriot!


“I think the women in the suburbs voted for Donald Trump. We had a Rigged Election.” 💯💯💯


“The same people who want you to believe there was no election fraud are the ones who said there was no spying on my campaign, remember they spied on my campaign?…they perpetrated the Russia Hoax, they framed Flynn, they conducted the Mueller Witch Hunt.”

All they do is LIE!


“I have never been more confident that we will defeat the Radical Left. And we have to.” – President Donald J. Trump


“Our movement is up against some of the most sinister forces and entrenched interests that anyone can imagine. But no matter how big or how powerful they may seem, you must never forget, this nation does not belong to them—it belongs to YOU.” 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


President Trump warns we are devolving into Communism.

“We will defeat it with the sheer power of American pride and American brain.

“We are going to turn this thing around. We cannot let this happen.”




“In 2016 it was talk. In 2020 you knew that I did it.”

That’s why President Trump won in a landslide! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

…”Joe Biden gave our enemies all around the World a great and lasting victory when he unexpectedly and inexplicably removed our great soldiers from Afghanistan before taking out our U.S. citizens and allies, along with abandoning many billions of dollars of highest-grade 


Military equipment. Leaving our Military till the end was such a simple decision that anyone with intelligence & common sense would have made, but he called it wrong and instantly created perhaps the greatest embarrassment for our Country in its history—and it is far from over!”

…”Biden’s biggest mistake was not understanding that the Military has to be last out the door, not first out the door. Civilians and equipment go first and then, when everyone and everything is out, the Military goes. So simple, and yet it wasn’t done. Tragic!” 

“Under my Administration, everyone in the world knew not to mess around with America.

“They understood our power and that I would not hesitate to use it in defense of our citizens. And the Taliban understood that maybe as well as anybody.” 


15 million mail-in ballots unaccounted for from Nov. 3

They’ve turned us into a laughingstock third world country!

…ICYMI: “China ready to deepen ‘friendly and cooperative’ Afghanistan relations”

Trump: The New Churchill

Only 16% are American citizens

America Last.

“Biden surrendered Afghanistan to terrorists and left thousands of Americans for dead by pulling out the Military before our citizens. Now we are learning that out of the 26,000 people who have been evacuated, only 4,000 are Americans… 

“You can be sure the Taliban, who are now in complete control, didn’t allow the best and brightest to board these evacuation flights. Instead, we can only imagine how many thousands of terrorists have been airlifted out of Afghanistan and into neighborhoods around the world…


“What a terrible failure. NO VETTING. How many terrorists will Joe Biden bring to America? We don’t know!”

“The American people, and truth itself, are under attack by Big Tech’s unlawful and Communist-style censorship. We filed a historic class action lawsuit because every American deserves to have their First Amendment Rights protected,…


“not destroyed by leftist radicals in Silicon Valley. Since announcing this lawsuit, over 85,000 stories have been shared by Patriots around the Country who know their voices are being silenced and freedoms restricted—and they have joined the suit…


“We have continued this effort with the filing of a Motion for Preliminary Injunction. We must fight back. They are destroying our Country. There is nothing more important than our right to free speech.” – President Donald J. Trump

85,000 silenced Americans have already joined President Trump’s landmark lawsuit against Big Tech to protect our First Amendment rights

You can join, too, at 

“No soldier had been killed because they knew we weren’t playing games…we bombed the hell out of em. We were going to get everything & then we had a Rigged Election. And this is what a Rigged dishonest Election gets you.”

NEW: Save America Launches “Surrenderer-In-Chief” Commercial

WATCH here:

“How dare Biden force our Military to run off the battlefield in Afghanistan and desert what now have become many thousands of American hostages. We had Afghanistan and Kabul in perfect control with just 2,500 soldiers & he destroyed it when it was demanded that they flee!” 

ICYMI: “McCaul: Biden 100% Owns Afghanistan — Has ‘Blood on His Hands’”

ICYMI: “No, Biden Can’t Blame Trump For The Afghanistan Withdrawal Disaster”

ICYMI: “Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal shows a disengaged, befuddled president”

“Neville Chamberlain can rest easy. He is no longer the most shameful appeaser in modern history. Joe Biden is the new champion of cowards.” 

“Our Country has never been so diminished. It has reached an all-time low!” – President Donald J. Trump 

ICYMI: “What Afghanistan tells us about Team Biden’s incompetence”

ICYMI: “Pompeo says US’s credibility damaged by Biden’s Afghanistan ‘debacle’”

ICYMI: “Joe Biden’s defeat will echo for eternity: Devine”

ICYMI: “CORTES: Mass Migration Was Never Part Of America’s $2 Trillion Afghan Debacle”

President Trump: the Taliban “no longer has fear or respect for America … 

“It’s a terrible, terrible black eye for this country. 

“We’re a laughingstock. The whole world can’t believe it. 

“And there was no reason for it.”

“Biden is destroying America” – President Donald J. Trump 

…”[Biden’s] policies have created a living national nightmare: he’s surrendered our energy independence, sabotaged the economy, surged violent crime, caved to China, crushed our citizens instead of the virus…


“created the single greatest humiliation in our history in Afghanistan, stranded thousands of our citizens overseas at the whim of Islamic extremists, and left a wide-open border to deadly drugs, vicious crime, and unlimited illegal immigration at home!


“I created the most secure border in history. Biden has created the single most catastrophic border disaster in history—by far. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, whom I strongly endorsed for reelection, has just won a major Supreme Court victory


“against the Biden Open Borders agenda. I congratulate him on this win. Biden was found to have broken the law in terminating the Migrant Protection Protocols, or Remain in Mexico. Now, Biden must reinstate Remain in Mexico, one of my most successful and important programs


“in securing the border. Other State Attorneys General should follow suit and go after every one of Biden’s unlawful border and immigration policies.”

… “And then we had a Rigged Election…it was stolen, it was corrupt, the most we’ve ever seen in the history of our Country…as soon as they took over they destroyed it.”

“Our Country has never been embarrassed like they are right now.” – President Donald J. Trump

“We’re becoming a Communist state. This is like a Communist country that’s being run…what’s happening to our Country is happening at a level we’ve never seen before.”

President Trump says Biden’s handling of Afghanistan is “a total and complete surrender.” 

“I’ve never seen anything like it. And for no reason.”


President Trump blasts the media for ignoring scandal after scandal involving the #BidenCrimeFamily

“Now it’s called the laptops from hell…there’s no question they’re very vulnerable.”


President Trump’s message to our supporters:

“Keep the faith. Keep praying. Keep working. Don’t ever give up. We’re going to bring our Country back. 

“Keep your spirit going, the spirit now, I’ve never seen it greater… We will save our Country. Never give up. Ever.”