From Seth Keshel:

The wisest thing Stephen K. Bannon ever said was “Did you think they were going to let you have the country back without a fight?”

11 months have passed since 3 November.  That is how long the evil RINO machine in Arizona has had to cover tracks and they still left loose ends all over the place as revealed by the independent canvass and what has been leaked thus far (incomplete reveal).

They have had many months to unify a front for this day, the day the audit report is brought to light.  Did we truly expect them to just sit back and take it off the chin without deploying all assets?

This is a war.  The sooner you recognize that, the sooner you’ll find you have no time for hand wringing and basking in fear.


1) Canvass shows hundreds of thousands of impacted votes.

2) Leak shows tens of thousands of illegitimate ballots in a county/state with critical races decided by next to nothing, including POTUS.

3) Realize that even if they had to peel a couple thousand votes off certified totals, it would forever destroy the narrative that elections are clean and decided by the people.


5) Whatever else is going to be revealed today.  The gloves are off thanks to the leak.  This is a falls count anywhere, no-holds barred information fight and every panicked word not focused on these five points is aiding the information war for the corrupt team.  It is not the fault of those unveiling truth if you believed clickbait showing x amount of ballots missing or y amount of gremlins parachuting from the sky to plant votes from Timor Leste.

General Taylor captured Monterrey on this date in 1846.  Today we capture Phoenix (peacefully).