Jim O’Neil WRITES: I compiled the opinions below from several different Telegram channels.  They give a pretty good overview of what happened at the AZ Senate hearings IMO.  Looking forward to the rally in Perry. 🙂


Hammer’s Opinion on what just happened.

The AZ audit proved:

– numerous state laws were not followed.

– obstruction occurred to prevent a full audit.

– it was impossible to CERTIFY the election.

Attorney General Brnovich now has political cover to:

– seize everything Maricopa refused to provide.

– conduct a criminal investigation on numerous matters.

The Senate now has political cover to:

– Issue several “findings of fact”, recognizing the election was illegally certified.

Based on what was presented so far, the Senate does NOT have the ability to:

– Conclude that Trump won and certify their electors for him (evidence Trump won was NOT presented today).


How’s everyone feel after today? 

Was a major victory whether you fully understood it or thought it was something “we’ve known for months.” Fraud had to be proven. We now have that evidence and legal action should pursue soon. 

Many are asking will auditing and decertifying numerous states take too long before 2022-24. Well, the short answer is yes. Which makes me believe we are heading toward one of two scenarios:

A.) Trump and Patriots used today as a huge marker date, showing the country that fraud was present garnering more support. If Military is the only way forward then we are one step closer and stronger. 

B.) The audit today when presented was conducted in an evidentiary hearing style. Instead of reading out their summaries they thoroughly explained their findings to the American people to be as transparent as possible. Is Arizona preparing to make a Supreme Court run seeking a null & void election? Very plausible with all their evidence.  [SCOTUS won’t do squat IMO — so, the military]

Either way, our country is in uncharted territory and we all can agree on one thing: Trump is screaming the proven truth and is ready to get back in the game! 

Devolution, or uncharted territory Constitutionally? Either way, let’s keep sticking together, spreading the information until we can get our man back in office! The truth is on our side, we found that out without a doubt today! God bless! 

Praying Medic


Maricopa County withheld a lot of information from the audit team. The Senate will get access to that information as a result of the agreement it negotiated with the County. The audit is not over. I suspect some of the most damaging information has yet to be disclosed.  [I agree – it’s in the Dominion machines.  Sic Ben Cotton on ‘em]

The Real Kim Shady™

President Trump follows the rule of law. He’s proved that time and time again. 

Let’s remember to actually have a higher view and keep the big picture in sight.  [30,000’ view]

Were you expecting the 82nd Airborne boys to descend upon the building as soon as the Audit Team concluded the election should be decertified?

Today’s hearing opened the door for many avenues of pursuit using the rule of law. 

I’ll say again; rule of law. 

That process will play out as the wheels are already in motion. 

I would also go out on a limb and say the real President, Donald J. Trump, may have a pretty strong message to the world in the form of a live speech.  [Today in GA]

I’m comfy AF. 

My faith is unfuckingshakable. 

More backbone. 

Less wishbone. 


BREAKING: Sen. Wendy Rogers unveils letter signed by 41 state legislators from across the country calling for forensic audits in each state, and urging their states to decertify the 2020 election if their audit results mirror those in Arizona.

Wendy is a staunch defender of Robert E. Lee