For those that say, “the counts were the same”. OF COURSE THEY WERE!! They counted the fraudulent ballots!!! 

If I am wrong, which I am not, why did they keep out of the report Jovan Pulitzer’s report on the fraudulent ballots?  Why did they hide that information from the public? Why did they hide the months of work from you? 

I will tell you why… they think you are stupid, they think you are insignificant and they want to control the narrative. THEY ARE FRAUDS. The audit was to tell you how they stole the election. Not counting fraudulent and fake ballots they stuffed in unsealed ballot boxes in between the November and April time frame. 

They are liars and they want to steal your voice… they do this because you don’t matter… now be the voice and shout down these pieces of trash. Demand truth and demand they stop hiding information!!! The findings were astonishing!! The left and right converged to stop the truth from being heard. Break their chains and stand in the gap and demand decertification!!

Follow for up to date legitimate and accurate information about our election audits. Watch the following interview with Patrick Byrne, Joe Flynn, Jovan Pulitzer, Seth Keshel, Steve Montenegro, and Colonel Phil Waldron. This is an extraordinary summary of the Maricopa Forensic audit…now we need accountability!!!