Jarrin Jackson with combat stories with ZERO intent to help equip citizens to be better at resisting tyrannical government.

Again, just sharing personal stories that citizens may value.

Definitely is NOT a deadpan video suggesting citizens be armed and observe law enforcement to ensure laws, not dictates, are enforced.

Even if the average American were to be “fully vaccinated” (what’s it at now, like 8 shots?), then I’d still be more vaccinated than them.

The military shot me up with all sorts of stuff.

The issue is not vaccines (despite the Covid weapon not being a vaccine in the first place).

The issue is conscience.

The issue is informed consent.

The issue is discrimination.

The issue is arbitrariness.

The issue is the Constitution.

The issue is globalism.

The issue is depopulation.

Get yall’s categories correct.

Now, go to war.

Another combat lesson: intended ONLY for citizens to hear from their veterans so as to better value their service.

My only objective in posting this is to tell about my personal experience.

I do not post this video to subvert or discredit or impair any government’s ability to enforce the law.

I certainly don’t post this video to encourage, educate, or improve citizens’ capacity for undermining government efforts.

Not. At. All.

Just a combat veteran vlogging about operational lessons learned. Video made SOLELY for the purposes of equipping citizens with capacity to better understand & value their veterans’ hard lessons learned…

NOT distributed for ANY reason of subversive or defensive improvement with respect to tyranny or escalation of government abuse.

Not. At. All.

HR4350 – 2022 Natl Defense Authorization Act

Passed the House yesterday.

Drafting women into military

“Red flag” gun confiscation

And more.

Folks, never EVER give up your firearms.

The godless commies who stole our country arent going to just give it back bc we’re mad.

Roll the sleeves up, patriots.

Now, go to war.