Retweeted by Ezra Watkins Cohen, this tweeted thread by Lara Seligman (who covers the Pentagon for @POLITICO)

McKenzie says that was not in his instructions and he did not have the resources to undergo such an operation. Asked whether this offer was conveyed to the president, he says he does not know.

But @US4AfghanPeace was present for the discussion.

McKenzie adds that he did not consider the discussion to be “a formal offer” and it was not the reason he was there. He says it was conveyed to his chain of command.

CH/t also to my former colleagues at @ForeignPolicy for this interview w/ @US4AfghanPeace, in which he also recounts the episode. Says Baradar told him & McKenzie there was “a huge problem of law & order in Kabul” & asked US mil to take over security.