A frequent commenter here at the Radiopatriot left these thoughts. In case you missed it…

“This is the real HEARTBREAKING TRUTH about the “vaccines” and “boosters”. Brought in with a false front, hoping to scare people into allowing the poison to take over your body, and withholding cures from you and your loved ones.

Being old sometimes means that overime you get a 6th sense about people, factions of government, your own or other countries’ and you upbringing teaches you to either be overly trusting or not at all.

I knew from the first words of this plan that I would never be a part of it. Let’s face it, we know that most of our government is made up of criminals, liars, cheats, they may as well be actors and actresses in Hollywood. Total narcissism and greed are the main characteristics of these people. They are out to get you! I have choices whether to see a film, or to like a person, or to vote for a politician.

But when they begin to get involved in my medical care, and start Promoting like Crazy, something that has not been tested, then the entire scene does not ring true. I draw the line right there, knowing that down the line, I have the option of changing my mind.

However, once I know something is just not sounding true, then I am happily done with it. I have lived long enough to have had a couple of very bad doctors, on med for years that I did not need, wrong diagnosis, so trusting without proof is not for me. Also allowing a stranger to tell me all of this “fake advertising crap” about inoculations expecting me to take a JAB….Absolutely not… the 1950s taught us not to get the JABs until ALL of the facts are in and TESTS have been made over and over with proven results from well trusted and tested professionals….. not politicians.

To the Dad who lost his daughter to this inoculation, I am deeply sorrowful for your loss; your life wll never be the same without her. I hope that God will give you a peace that surpasses all understanding, because that is what it will take for you to maintain your sanity day to day.

Just hearing about all the LIES, TWISTS, and FALSEHOODS about the virus, jabs, CDC, Dr. Fauci, and the medical cabal of insanity that has taken over is enough to send anyone over the edge. There is no excuse for such hateful and harmful behaviors to any citizen. Now they are going after babies and children.