House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik retweeted this…

… photo of my Congressional Representative Bill Posey. I’ve known Bill for years, since way back when I was a registered Democrat (yes, it’s true. 😢 I had a D after my name. Silly, silly me.)

“Democrats for Posey”

Back when Bill had hair and before mine turned platinum white! Bill at top left. Me front and center. (Disney Cruise Lines Grand Opening at Port Canaveral, 2000)

I’ll share something with you about Bill. He never wanted to go to Washington. He represented us in Florida’s State House and later, the Senate, and was quite happy to do so. And would have been there for as long as he wanted, until…

He harbored a deep distaste for DC but felt obligated to run for the seat that was being vacated by Dr. Dave Weldon back in 2009. However, there wasn’t anyone honest and trustworthy in our Congressional District who deserved the job that Weldon could no longer stomach. Florida TODAY, the local leftist rag printed everything it could to destroy Weldon, and finally he decided to hang it up and return to Brevard and his medical practice, hoping to improve conditions at the local VA hospital.

The Republican Committee and local businessmen urged Bill to run. They practically twisted his arm. The last thing Bill wanted to do was leave the Florida legislature and his home to dive into the swamp. But understanding that if not him, then who? Bill and his wife Katie reluctantly left their beautiful riverside home in Rockledge, packed up and moved into a tiny apartment in DC to serve and represent us, where he’s been ever since. Bill is well liked and respected in our community and (maybe to his chagrin?!) continues to be reelected. He’s done a good job for us, despite his disgust and revulsion for the dirty political games and backstabbing. A good man, he’d relinquish the House seat and come home to Brevard County if there was an honest and intelligent MAGA candidate who would run for the seat and secure it for our 15th Congressional District. But so far, no one has emerged and Bill has handily beat any and all Democrat challengers. Bill is a patriot, a decent guy who just wanted to serve for a term or two, and then return to his private life. Instead he has stuck it out, fighting the swamp demons on our behalf.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. I wonder why anyone would want to run, they love the country at first, but then it get so evil in DC. Hopefully all of that will be gone soon.

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