Whistleblower #0043

Registered Nurse, 6years. Northern NSW.

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I am an experienced RN of 6 years & currently work at a small rural hospital in Northern NSW. I am being forcibly terminated as I have declined taking the mandated covid “vaccine”.

The staff that have had adverse reactions:

(1) A security guard with no medical history now has chronic crippling back pain after his pfizer x 1 shot.

(2) A cleaner broke out in herpes sores around her mouth after her first pfizer shot.

(3)A security guard has lost his sense of taste & smell post vaccine x 1.

(4) A staff member reported losing sensation to her lower limbs, self resolved.

(5) Several ED staff stating they felt so terrible they almost presented to ED post vaccine.

(6) A RN broke out in a body rash post vaccine.

(7) A RN reported chronic joint pain since having her vaccines

(8) An elderly woman patient had AZ & next day found on the floor of her home unable to use legs. No investigation or reporting of the incident, diagnosed with likely UTI. Now has confusion/dementia & requires home placement as she is unable to go home with her condition.

(9) An elderly woman patient with newly diagnosed parkinsons had her first pfizer & weeks later “declined in condition”, had a seizure & lost her ability to swallow. Just days before she was sipping wine & dancing. Now for placement as she has a deteriorated condition. Family believe it is definetly vax related.

(10) Mid 50 yr old male had AZ x 1 dose, reported headache immediantly post. The headaches worsened over 6 weeks, with left side facial droop and a sensation washing down his left side- that resolved when the headache resolved. D dimer showered random clotting. No correlation to the vax or reporting even though I questioned the medical team several times raising the timing of AZ, bells palsy symptoms etc.

I am hanging up the scrubs, thankful of the experience & all I have learnt. I no longer feel aligned with our “health”care systems approach to health.

Contact us: nursesspeakout@pm.me

Subject line: Speaking Out