From Ace of Spades:

Some rando on Twitter got this letter from his bank a couple of weeks ago:

So here are my thoughts on this:

So this is an absolutely outrageous proposal for a number of reasons

–It is a gross invasion of privacy.

–It will add significantly to the bank’s regulatory reporting workload, and would somebody please tell me why the government needs to know all this stuff?

–This is just another example of them running that new play in the left-wing playbook, the one where the government enacts petty tyrannies on the American people but outsources the enforcement of said tyrannies to the private sector.

–You know, getting others to do your dirty work for you is actually pretty dope.

Having said all of this, it is just a proposal. My personal opinion is that it is not so much a serious proposal as it is a Biden administration trial balloon. Right now, somebody in the White House is watching the reaction it’s getting from the banks. Not sure what’s going to come next, perhaps the same proposal, only with a higher number, like maybe $1200 or $2000.

Also notice how the bank really isn’t committing itself to actually doing anything. It’s just complaining about it, and giving their customers a website to go to so they can complain as well. I suppose that’s all that can be done this stage. But is there any point where the bank would say “screw the feds, we’re not complying”? And the answer is, no, probably not. Not that I blame them, really, they want to stay in business without a bunch of federal goons showing up one day and perp-walking the high-level execs to a PMITA prison.

I haven’t heard one GOP(e) congressman or senator complain about this, yet, which is worrying

This is why it’s laughable when they accuse Trump of being a fascist/dictator/tyrant. There are some things Trump wouldn’t do. We know this because they were proposed and he didn’t do them, things that he pointed out were the responsibility of the states. But I have seen no indication of anything that the Biden administration wouldn’t do if they thought it would advance their agenda. I have seen no restraint at all. Nor any self-awareness from the Democrat idiots who shouted “fascist!” at Trump for nothing but who can’t seem to recognize Biden’s actual fascism when it’s staring them right in the face.