Fight the fight you’re in, not the fight you want.

Smart enemies will design a strategy to exploit your weakness & avoid your strength.

If Americans’ strength is shooting people in the face (with all of our millions of privately owned firearms), then it follows that our enemy would craft a strategy to nullify that.

He’d do illegal & evil things that warrant use of force, but he’d wait until his illegal acts were done when We The People lacked the will.

He’d lull Americans into comfort. Dull their civic understanding. Monopolize their information. Centralize their finances.

Then he’d pounce.

There’s always going to be aware & educated People, sure.

But if they do anything, then the enemy would activate his excessively large & powerful government jackboots to squash his opposition.

Because, in this war, murder is legal as long as it’s cloaked as medicine.

The enemy wants We The People to shoot first. It “justifies” him using his military.

So what are We The People to do?

Live Local.

Build our capacity to withstand and overcome globally coordinated disaster capitalism events & to have sound thinking to discern false flags & narrative operations.

The enemy is numerically weak, but psychologically strong.

Restoring a culture for truth focuses on a foundation that’ll withstand his death throes.

And, again, you never ever tell anyone on the Internet when/where/how you’d use force as an option.

That’s literally the stupidest thing you could do with the information-dominating enemy we have.

If you’re one of the ones asking when we’ll “rise up” please do the feds a favor & post your address when you write things like that.

Now, go to war.

–Jarrin Jackson