The Central Bank [CB] is now pushing their agenda, they want us to move into their Green New Deal, but as the economy starts to get worse, the people will question why. The people are awake now, and they are thinking logically.

Trump was right. We are seeing higher fuel costs and soon we will be seeing even more inflation, but the people had to see it.

The Patriots are now sending messages that something is about to happen. First, Trump told the world that the true insurrection was Nov 3 not Jan 6th. Then Scavino posted a red wave and the White House was bathed in red.

Scavino just sent another message, that it is time to back the country, that America is going to win like we never before. The castle is running red. The [DS] is panicking they know what is coming and it’s called the storm.

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He gave up everything.
He knew his life, and the lives of his family, would forever change.
He knew [knows] the consequences.
A man who had everything.
Why do it?


You can clearly see a picture emerging that the report released by the Transition Integrity Project wasn’t just some war gaming by political figures. This was right out of the playbook they used to steal the the 2020 election and they put it out there for the world to see. Why would they do that?

Try to think about this from Donald Trump’s point of view. Trump and his team are not stupid. They knew exactly what was coming. The TIP report sent a clear message that even if Trump wins the election, the political establishment would sow chaos and turmoil for as long as it took until Trump was removed from office.

Trump   could either reveal the fraud and remain in office, or “walk away.” What would have happened if Trump made the moves to prevent Joe Biden from taking office? The report from the Transition Integrity Project gave us the answer. There would have been violence in the streets. With tensions as high as they were, we would have had a civil war in our country. The exact type of brief civil war where civilians actually die and Trump would have been forced to act. This would have placed him squarely in a situation where he would undoubtedly be condemned no matter how he responded…that’s how color revolutions work.

Trump really only had one option to save the country from that turmoil; he had to walk away in order to save lives.