The quote above was said to me by a woman who suffers from obesity, severe arthritis, and likely osteoporosis. She hasn’t been to a dentist in years and is missing at least one front tooth. BUT… hold on now. This woman, who has had the “vaxx” and THREE boosters, is an expert at knowing the “VAXX” is safe because she’s a billing clerk for a pediatrician who doles out the jab. And her response about those health care professionals who are refusing the DNA-altering poison? ” They’re selfish and don’t care that they’ll make others sick with Covid.”

Such is the mentality of this person and sadly, many others like her.

Vaccination-related employee departures at 25 hospitals, health systems

Kelly Gooch – Updated 2 days ago

Amid health system and state COVID-19 vaccination requirements, workers have been fired for noncompliance, and some have resigned or quit. 

Here are stats from 25 organizations, announced since June:

Note: This list was updated Oct. 8. It is not exhaustive.  

1. Syracuse, N.Y.-based St. Joseph’s Health fired 98 workers for refusing to get vaccinated, according to The terminated employees refused to get vaccinated by the state’s Sept. 27 mandate deadline and remained unvaccinated after a suspension period. 

2. Over 400 employees unvaccinated against COVID-19 have quit their jobs at Detroit-based Henry Ford Health System, the Detroit Free PressBridge Michigan and Michigan Radio reported Oct. 5. The employees who left their jobs represent about 1 percent of Henry Ford’s 33,000-person workforce. 

3. Aurora, Colo.-based UCHealth fired more than 200 workers — including 74 in the Denver metropolitan area — who refused to get vaccinated, officials said Oct. 4, according to the Denver Post. System spokesperson Dan Weaver told the newspaper 119 — or less than 0.5 percent of the system’s 26,500 employees statewide — did not get vaccinated or receive an exemption by the Oct. 1 mandate deadline.

4. Over 1,500 employees of New Hyde Park, N.Y.-based Northwell Health either resigned or were terminated for refusing to get vaccinated against COVID-19, a spokesperson confirmed to Becker’sOct. 4. The departures represent less than 2 percent of Northwell’s workforce.

5. Falls Church-based Inova Health System lost 89 workers for noncompliance with the system’s Sept. 1 vaccine requirement, J. Stephen Jones, president and CEO of the system, told The Washington Post. This represents less than half of 1 percent of its 20,000-person workforce.

6. Seventy-two employees were terminated from Winchester-based Valley Health on Sept. 21, for noncompliance with the Sept. 7 vaccine requirement, health system officials told The Washington Post. About 300 of the system’s 6,000 workers received a religious or medical exemption, officials said.

7. Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse, N.Y., suspended or fired 213 employees for refusing to get vaccinated by the state’s mandate deadline Sept. 27, according to

8. Forty-eight unvaccinated employees at San Diego-based Scripps Health will be terminated through their voluntary resignation, based on failure to comply with California’s mandate, according to Scripps President and CEO Chris Van Gorder. He told Becker’sScripps will rehire these workers at their full status and seniority if they become vaccination-compliant by Nov. 1.

9. St. Luke’s University Health Network, a Bethlehem, Pa.-based system with 17,000 employees, saidSept. 28 that 78 full-time employees and 97 part-time/per diem employees refused to become vaccinated by the organization’s Sept. 25 deadline and resigned.

10. Newark, Del.-based ChristianaCare fired about 250 employees, or the equivalent of fewer than 90 full-time employees, for not complying with its vaccination policy, Janice Nevin, MD, president and CEO, wrote in a blog post Sept. 27.

11. Fewer than 250 of New York City-based NewYork-Presbyterian’s 48,000 team members failed to comply with the system’s mandate and no longer work at the system as of Sept. 23, according to system spokesperson Alexandra Langan.

12. Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Novant Health fired about 275 employees for not complying with the system’s COVID-19 vaccination program after an unpaid five-day suspension.

13. As of Sept. 23, 76 employees had left Brewer-based Northern Light Health because of the vaccination requirement, according to system spokesperson Karen Cashman. 

14. As of Sept. 23, 58 of Portland-based MaineHealth’s 23,000 staff members had resigned and cited the vaccination requirement as among the reasons for their decision, system spokesperson Caroline Cornish told Becker’s

15. Seventy-two unvaccinated workers were terminated from Winchester, Va.-based Valley Health.

16. About 70 employees resigned from their jobs at UNC Health, citing the Chapel Hill, N.C.-based system’s vaccination requirement, system spokesperson Alan Wolf confirmed to Becker’s Sept. 21. 

17. By Sept. 15, the vaccination requirement deadline, Morehead, Ky.-based St. Claire HealthCare had fired 33 employees for noncompliance, hospital spokesperson Amy Riddle confirmed to Becker’s.  

18. Med Center Health in Bowling Green, Ky., said 190 staff members were terminated because of its vaccination requirement.

19. After a two-week unpaid suspension ending Sept. 14, 125 employees at IU Health left the Indianapolis-based organization after refusing to be vaccinated.

20. Eleven Olean (N.Y.) General Hospital workers resigned because of the state’s vaccination mandate, which requires healthcare workers at hospitals and nursing homes to receive their first vaccine dose by Sept. 27. 

21. Lewis County Health System, a single-hospital system in Lowville, N.Y., said it would temporarily close its maternity unit after 30 staff resigned over the state’s vaccination mandate.

22. Tidelands Health fired one of its employees for not complying with the Georgetown, S.C.-based system’s vaccination mandate.

23. Charleston-based Medical University of South Carolina Health fired five of its employees for not complying with its vaccination mandate.

24. West Orange, N.J.-based RWJBarnabas Health fired eight workers for not complying with its vaccination mandate. 

25. At Houston Methodist, 253 employees either resigned during a two-week suspension period or were terminated for noncompliance with its vaccination mandate.