This is good, this is good. This is all very, very good.

Posobiec is running it down for us…

BREAKING: Secretary Pete’s office has been getting lit up since last night, Transportation industry lobbyists and even a few CEO’s. They want him to talk to B about mandates, per WH official.

Southwest Airlines cancels 1,800 flights, blaming weather and staffing

Southwest Airlines blamed the disruptions on air traffic control and bad weather.

They’re going to shit down airlines right before Christmas

(I think he meant to say “shut down”, but hey… maybe he’s using the right terminology…)

And to those passengers who are stranded because of this…a message.

The pilots are fighting as much for YOUR freedom as ours and theirs. Call a cab and go back home.

Suck it up.

NOTHING is more important that pushing back on these communist elitist criminals — even your trip to visit granny. Your inconvenience is the least of what others have suffered in the name of YOUR freedoms.

Sorry you’re inconvenienced. But quitcherbitchin and consider the alternative. Life under the boot of tyrannical monsters.

Got that?

Oh, and watch the media play on the heartstrings of the useful idiots about the inconvenienced travelers.

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