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Try this theory on -military recruited Trump and made sure 2016 was accurate enough for a victory – crimes were committed but many were prevented so now fast forward to 2020 and Pence after receiving praise from Chris Miller then upheld his duty to ensure Biden stole the election which was very very difficult pill for Pence to swallow but he did and still has a relationship although distant on purpose (optics) and the military has been monitoring and managing external threats (4 carrier fleets protecting Taiwan) which is the military’s #1 objective.  Trump continues to build a counter revolutionary force (use) to crater Biden’s approval ratings (working) and build awareness the election was stolen and there is widespread fraud… 

So, ultimately the military will step in – either Biden is removed under the 25th or resigns when Hunter corruption hits the mainstream in the next days/weeks 

Just my 2 cents welcome your responses

Joe Lange:

Red 3

This article was sent to me by Harmony and Quinn

Halfway through it describes what the Jan 6 commission has subpoenaed.

The relevant line is documents and communications regarding the movement of Pence and his security.

Why do they want that?

I believe Pence foiled their plans in two ways. He refused to follow Secret Service instructions to evacuate which Pelosi planned the media using those images against Trump supporters. He also refused to delay the vote. His brother who is a member of Congress and was with the VP the whole time accused Pelosi of wanting to delay the vote for days.

This was their planned “Reichstag” moment.

An operation led by the FBI and antifa to stage photo ops of an insurrection. Video members of Congress fearful. AOC? Fake.

Video of Pence fleeing for his life. Didn’t happen.

All of this to demonize Trump supporters as insurrectionists and to separate and divide Trump from any support from Republicans.

And don’t forget the most important part. The pipe bombs placed at both parties headquarters right near the Capital.

Those were supposed to go off creating the narrative of how violent Trump supporters are.

But it was foiled by white hats. Notice the FBI isn’t really trying to find the bomber?

Trump purposely started his speech an hour late knowing what time the vote would be held. This threw the timing off the whole operation. FBI and antifa had to attack the Capital in order to “prevent” the vote. They were going to push this Reichstag moment to destroy the MAGA movement.

Pence forced the vote so they would commit the crime.

And white hats keep dropping evidence that it all was a setup by the democrats, FBI, antifa and deep state.

So Red 3 might just represent Jan 6 and it’s already happened.

We know the exact movements of Pence that day.

Pelosi obviously suspects that they were played which is why she’s subpoenaed so much info.

But the other thing is what do we know about Pelosi’s classified movements on Jan 6?

Almost nothing that I can find.

She was evacuated to some location outside the Capital by Capital police. We don’t know anything else.

Red 3

CLAS movement of Pelosi or Pence

May have already happened and just represents the actions of Jan 6

The Dems planned Reichstag moment.

As much as I love me and QP’s spit ball on Red 3 this might just be the simple explanation.

Don’t know how it effects any timeline.

And I also believe it was a white hat infiltration that captured Pelosi’s laptops with all the evidence of the planning.

Saw pics of what looked like Special ops armed with pistols jumping a rail.

All just my thoughts


The other issue with people claiming our freedom fighters aren’t doing a specific thing is that just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

Most of what is being fought for isn’t leaked or plastered on social media. So you actually have no idea what all our patriots are doing, so don’t assume that you have all the information. 

Don’t just look at what is being released for consumption, more importantly ask yourself “why this, why now, what else, and what is this connected to”

Joe Lange:

Ahhhh.  You just triggered another possibility in my thoughts.  When Twitter permanently banned Trump and deleted his tweets as inciting violence and insurrection, knowing what we know now, they may have been acting on a classified direct order from Pelosi.  

Thinking back to that time, deleting those tweets and interpreting them that way is not something I think Twitter would have come to on their own. This was clearly input from Capitol Hill. 

So the classified order from Pelosi to have those tweets removed would meet Red 3.

Devolution, my friend.  Lincoln used it to protect our constitution.  It’s exactly what I described.  The military in control.  Once Ratcliff gave President Trump the proof of foreign interference then he was validated in doing whatever it took to defend our constitutional republic.  Sit back and realize we are all gonna be okay!


Yes, devolution is only a part of the overall plan. Don’t forget Trump is at war with the global puppet masters controlling the puppets in this country. Devolution devolves the military in order to protect the country from the enemy combatants that have assumed control. They don’t control everything which is why Biden can still do some things.

The clock is ticking on him though. At some point the military gets the green light to take down these corrupt individuals


Now I see that Pence had to certify the election to allow the illegitimate President to take office and expose the Traitors so the rest of the plan could play out. I fervently hope that we can all pop a collective bottle of champagne when the Traitors are found guilty in military tribunals, and Trump returns to office. Today, it all seems so clear. This is a ‘pay big now, or go on paying forever’ scenario. Trump chose pay big now to stop the Traitors from destroying our country, and we are all paying big alongside him while we hope and pray that his plan works. I really don’t think there was any other way to stop them. It has been going on for decades, and it would continue for decades more if the traitors have it their way.


I first heard of it on Scott Kesterson’s Bards FM podbean back in 2020.  He didn’t use the “ devolution” phraseology but rather used “continuance or continuity of government”  same thought  – I was so encouraged !  Then happy to hear Patel Patriot was on board w/ this too ! 

Hope it’s ok to post Kesterson’s info here if you want to check his bio.  He’s totally aligned w/ PP !!


Everything President Trump does and says is deliberate. I think he wants to reassure us that he has it under control, maybe it was his way of telling you your on the right track. Of all the info I have read over the last year yours is by far the best.


Yes is had to be this way. It had to get this bad and it will have to get worse. The election fraud would mean very little if this administration came in and succeeded. We needed them to  be this disastrous. While the election fraud is a crime, it doesn’t carry enough weight on its own to warrant the military intervention, but with every passing day we see the true depth of the Treason. I think that’s why just recently for the first time Trump refers to November 3rd as the true ( Inserection). To create chaso of that magnitude on our home soul, there has to be no doubt. Trump entire first term was about getting out out military conflicts, he not going to start one here.


No need to be sorry. It has taken me time to understand what Trump is doing. I want this behind us 10 months ago.

But, as time goes, and events unfold, I can see how this is meant to be. 

The Ds and MSM poisoned so many during Trump’s 4 yrs. They literally brainwashed so many.

Think about how many have turned since Afghanistan. Think about how many have turned since the fake mandate. Think about how many have turned since the $600 intrusion, high gas and goods prices…

Trump needs The People behind him. He needs this to avoid chaos in the streets.

I hope this helps.


Joe, thanks for reminding us of that yet again. Trump’s plan is bigger than draining the swamp here in the US, and it has to play out over years using the framework that he built in his first term. He needed 4 more years to continue building, and than another good architect & builder in office after him (maybe DeSantis ?) to achieve the longer term goals of Trump’s plan. It seems so SMALL to think we’d be OK here in the US without addressing so many other global threats. We don’t live in a bubble, look what they did with Covid …