From our friend AnOldPieceOfLeather:

There’s ample evidence this has been building for *decades* at minimum. The Chyna flu is just a symptom of the tools the cabal has used. 

Everything the Branch Covidians (cabal/illuminate) have said and done has been the opposite of what patriotic America would. Everything they do defies common sense, rational thinking and logic.

A major milestone for the cabal/illuminate was 1871 when we became the indebted slave to the Rothschild family (“Bank of London”). Our taxes have been paying the interest on that loan since then.

John D. Rockefeller was an oil magnate when he convinced the uneducated American populace that petroleum came from fossils – “We only have so much oil.” His fear tactics and price fixing made him filthy rich. Oil is derived from minerals, not fossilized bones of calcium.

The ‘Federal Reserve’ is a private bank, not a branch of our government – a perfect example of how we have been lied to on just about everything. When it was in the process of being created by financial tycoons it was opposed by three men – Benjamin Guggenheim, Isador Strauss, and John Jacob Astor. Those three men happened to be on the Titanic. Just a coincidence. Right?

Those tycoons – the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and J.P. Morgan.

I could go on for days about the actions the cabal/illuminatei has taken. The most recent pig in the stye is George Soros. His Open Society Foundations have funded radical far right groups, politicians and teachers unions – AND the mad scientist Dr. Fraud-Xi – for many, many years. One of his most well known statements is before he dies he will cause the downfall of the United States.

Trump was chosen to lead because he’s a rare patriot and an outsider to the swamp. The plan to take down the worldwide cabal/illuminate has been around long before Trump. Trumps’ actions have all been part of the plan put together well before he was chosen.

Unless we want to keep this war going for eternity the evil has to be completely eradicated. For an evil that has been around for millennia that’s a complex task which takes longer than a few months. Clear perception of the plan is extremely challenging unless one can visualize it ‘from 20,000 feet’ – the big picture. Everything Trump does has been meticulously planned. 

Everything the cabal/illuminate has done was known before hand and countermeasures were taken. For optics there have been events that *had to be played out*. The ‘plandemic’ is one of those. It’s unfortunate that there are casualties and collateral damage in war. The alternative is beyond being a nightmare that would never end. 

We all want this to be over yesterday. Huge leaps in progress have been made and there’s more to be made. Most of the battle wins have been kept quiet. ‘The Art of War’. Read that and you will understand why.

I strongly recommend reading Patels’ Devolution series – in quiet, slowly. You don’t have to understand everything but you *will* feel much better about what has had to be done when you’re finished.