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WHISTLEBLOWER: LA Port Worker Says Shortages are FAKE!

Listener comments:

The whistleblower said employers want to get rid of employees who think for themselves and won’t take the jab and will use COVID as an excuse to fire them because they won’t take the vaccine. He says employers want to replace these employees with non-thinking robots or people who will do what they’re told to do. Alas, we now know the reason Joe Biden will not fix the problem at the border. Same for all of the unvetted Afghans who were flown into this country while Biden left American citizens stranded in A-stan.All of these illegal immigrants will be the new robots.

Yep! And don’t forget they will also be the dems new voter’s too. 

The time is NOW!

I checked all the port union halls last week for crane operator jobs available . Same thing . Nobody is hiring at any of the ports . I am vested in the United Steelworkers Union , the Teamsters Union , and lastly the Operating Engineers Union . Before I was forced into early retirement my last job paid $95 per hour . My safety record is spotless . I have had all applicable training and apprenticeship and have been rated as a Journeyman in heavy lifting for many years . . All of the cranes are manned and working . Working hard ! This is a manufactured emergency .When the unions need cranemen it is normal for them to advertise jobs and post them on the union hall boards nationwide That is why companies are willing to pay union wages . They can get all the help needed from a nationwide pool of trained , safe , operators . They really don’t want to put Miguel or Manuel in a $750 million dollar crane and let him figure out what boom angle and counter angle to lift that $25 million dollar transformer with . There are no jobs posted for any port cities . You are being led like sheep to the slaughter . The plan is working quite well . For now .


There is a certain amount of validity to his statements, AI being one of them. Reliance on technology bitting us in the butt once again.
But I disagree somewhat with another that they are processing ships as fast as they can. How can you unload cargo to shore, then warehouses, where the previous cargo is sitting on chassis because the warehouse is full, causing the chassis shortage to prevent unloading of cargo. Everything must continue in a regulated flow and any bottleneck, whether from work slowdown (lockdowns) lack of employees (being paid more to stay home) and on and on down the line, mucks up the entire chain.
I’m just guessing here, but methinks as soon as everyone is jabbed and under control the supply chain will start marvelously moving once again. For those of us who are left on the controllable roles and not in the re-education camps among the unjabbed deplorable dirt people. Our fearless leader elites have a bad habit of acting in a manner.

I do see people waking up though, and as they get hungry, they will start to really wake up. Life has always been about Survival.! Best thing is to start praying and ask Jesus to restore America, After all these years I don’t think many will take that advice, yet it is the truth. And Jesus said it would be this way at the end of this grace age, just before he comes back.

The shortages here in the United States and the rest of the world, begin with a shortage of intelligent people and the narrative being spewed by the government and the globalist.