On Polling:

Think back to 2020 campaign when Jim Clyburn rescued Biden who was on the ash heap of history.

The way that Biden’s numbers have imploded with Independents — I think Biden is in a freefall and there doesn’t seem to be a parachute for him.

Before one year is out, the implosion of Biden’s numbers…

…Not since a sail on the Monkey Business yacht, especially at the presidential level. Everything Trump predicted would happen during a Biden presidency has.

There’s no one to rescue him – legislative agenda, Kamala Harris…

With no mandate and political capital bleeding out, he’s attached to these swing district congressmen, they understand they have to have this radical spending proposal. Biden is preaching to his own choir. Trying to throw goodies to the base, which is already fractured. Not one person in the USA woke up and said “Boy, if we only had this Biden infrastructure bill!”