“They don’t need to take down the structure of the internet. Crashing browsers and mobile device operating systems will accomplish the same goal.” — Praying Medic (Dave Hayes)

Google warns 2.65 billion Chrome users to be on high alert after confirming “multiple new high-level hacks of the browser.”


Confirmed… Trump’s new company is a SPAC. A Special Purpose Acquisition Company.

It’s chartered (and flush with $293Mil cash) with the express intent of acquiring and operating media assets. That could be social apps, but also cable channels, or other things. It is NOT just a social app. It will raise more money and begin announcing acquisitions soon. Initial valuation posted at $1.7B.

SPAC’s are the new way of “going public” that has been sweeping venture capital for a few years now. It’s WAY less work to find a public company that isn’t doing much, acquire it just for the “shell”… hollow it out, and replace it’s operating plan with your new mission. It happens all the time and the shell entity may or may not have relevance to the new resulting company post “merger”.