Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers begins and ends each day on Telegram with that greeting, adding a different person to exclude. It’s kinda funny, really. So I’m borrowing (stealing?) her line, as you see above.

This day, she began her greeting with:

“Good morning. Wendy’s firearm safety tips: Never point a weapon at anyone or anything you don’t intend to shoot. Also, always clear your weapon when you take possession of it to make sure it isn’t loaded. And, never let anyone else load your ammo, always do it yourself.

Note to self. Never go hunting with Dick Cheney or Alec Baldwin.

Hillary Clinton, Dick Cheney, and Alec Baldwin go hunting…. How does that play out?

I have no sympathy for Alec Baldwin. I only have sympathy for his victims.

Alec Baldwin fatally shoots cinematographer, injures director in prop gun mishap on set of ‘Rust’

A woman was killed and a man was injured when a prop gun misfired at the New Mexico movie set of the Alec Baldwin film “Rust,” authorities and a production spokesperson said.