—J.J. Sefton

Good morning, kids. Wednesday and our descent into a Hieronymus Bosch nightmare landscape puts me in mind of a popular refrain here at the HQ, so here’s my take:

Old and busted: “Do it for the children!”
New hotness: Do it TO the children!

The nation and society formerly known as the United States of America is being lorded over by truly sick fiends engaging in the moral equivalent of Aztec child sacrifice. Not content at merely raping our children’s minds, they’ve green-lit their actual rape by men in skirts and now are insisting they be forced to take a needle full of what amounts to FDA approved 100% pharmacological poison for a virus that presents a near 0.000% chance of either making them ill or killing them. The government sanctioned mind- and ass-fucking on the other hand is quite another story. If a disturbed, psychotic tranny freakazoid being promoted to the rank of Vice Admiral isn’t a wake-up call, your EEG is somewhere between moldering Brussel sprout and Joe Biden. 

But lest you dare to protest any of this, it is you who is labeled the deviant, the miscreant, the mentally disturbed and of course the terrorist. Somewhere from the great beyond, Bosch is looking down at all of this slack-jawed, with eyes wider than Schiff-for-Brains after diving head first into three keys of prime Tony Montana yayo, saying “Gott in himmel!”

Funny how the Left always shrieked about “kids in cages!” except of course when it was Obama who was the one who put them there. Yet Trump got the blame for separating them from sexual predators and other deviants who used them to cross the border, among other things. Now some of these same Lefties are finally shrieking — not about force injecting kids in every orifice with needles and tumescent boners but about Mengele-wannabe Fauci putting Beagles’ heads in cages full of rabid sand flies. Yes, he is evil and the torture of animals for absolutely no conceivable reason whatsoever is the same. But the geschrei about this from the Left seems more an act of political cover due to the public outcry over everything else. 

But where was the Left during the AIDS crisis – which only became a crisis after Fauci’s politicization of it as “not a gay disease” when clearly it was, and with disastrous consequences for nearly 40 years for making that declaration – when instead of putting beagles’ heads in cages, Fauci was doing horrific experimentation on children?

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institutes of Health (NIH) approved drug trial experiments on hundreds of AIDS orphans in New York City. Over 200 of the orphans died during or after the experiments, according to Liam Scheff, the investigative reporter who broke the story.

The Incarnation Children’s Center (ICC) “began testing drugs on its orphan population in 1992, the same year they became a subsidiary of Columbia University’s Pediatric AIDS Clinical Trial Unit, under Dr. Anne Gershon,” Scheff noted. “In 2003, I went undercover inside the facility and saw the effects of the drugs on the children myself. . .”

. . . The Associated Press reported in June 2005: “The government has concluded at least some AIDS drug experiments involving foster children violated federal rules designed to ensure vulnerable youths were protected from the risks of medical research.”

Fauci was the NIH AIDS Coordinator before being appointed as the first Director of the Office of AIDS research when the office was established in 1988. He served in that capacity until 1994. Fauci became director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in 1984 and still holds that position.

Scheff reported several deaths in children at the ICC during the drug trials, adding that “although the mainstream denied that any deaths were due to drug toxicity, they admit that over 200 children died. . . “

. . . Many of the drugs (like AZT and its analogues) that were used in the experiments on the AIDS orphans in New York City had previously been approved for use in adults and “evidenced life-threatening and fatal toxicities,” Scheff reported. “So why put a drug with severe recorded toxicities into a population of black and Hispanic orphans?”

Scheff noted: “Incarnation’s orphans live at the bottom of the American class system. Often the children of drug users, they were born into ill health and poverty. Additionally (and like all AIDS patients), these children were, because of their HIV status, written off as a loss by the medical authority, before they even got a chance to live.”

Why wasn’t Fauci’s NIH interested in competitive AIDS research?

“That’s the billion-dollar question,” Scheff noted. “That is, if inexpensive micronutrients and competitive disease and treatment models prove more successful than the current research, it will represent a loss of billions for the AIDS drug and research industry.”

Plus ca change, plus la meme chose. HCQ, ivermectin, colchicine, aspirin and other cheap, common, proven, effective anti-viral therapeutics that we know are effective in treating this virus – which again has a fatality rate of a fraction of one percent – are to be shunned so that Pfizer/Moderna/J&J trillion dollar jungle juice can be forced on all of us, including children. Forever.

But that is a digression that, while pertinent, misses the greater point I was trying to make. The children are to be treated as nothing more than disposable lab rats. Ironically enough it’s the children of inner city minorities, the ones whose representatives are Democrats who nearly 40 years on are still slithering through the halls of the Capitol gnawing away at the foundations of our society and gorging themselves on the blood of the people they claim to represent. If they can’t get them in the womb, or if they don’t ventilate themselves faster than Alec Baldwin with a six-shooter, then it’s off to Fauci’s lab to be “cured.”

You know, as a child of a Shoah survivor, I am particularly sensitive to the invocation of Godwin’s law by others and myself. But it really is no stretch at all to show the direct path from Josef Mengele to Anthony Fauci. And he’s not an outlier. Look everywhere in DC and in many governor’s mansions and city halls as well as courts across this country and you’ll see an Anthony Fauci there with or without a medical degree but smug in the knowledge that they alone know what’s best for you.