Trumps secret plan to ELIMINATE the Federal Reserve

Did Trump have a secret plan to eliminate the Federal Reserve? How does Bitcoin play a role in this?


“I’ve been watching crypto for a while with a discernful eye bc we WILL have to find a new system to replace the Fed Reserve as it exists with fiat currency currently debt slaving the entire world through central banking.

This is a great video for beginners trying to understand what could be happening and how it’s all been planned out. 

Remember. If we don’t defeat the central banks nothing else will matter in the long run. 

Give this a watch as my fren breaks down his theory on how gold backed crypto takeover could’ve been planned long ago 

Comments anyone?

Trump is against Bitcoin. Called it a scam. 

Q said that gold would bring down the FED. 

Nobody in the Trump camp – Q included – ever mentioned cryptos as a solution in any way.

Trump said it “seemed like a scam” and was “essentially a currency”

Said BTC a scam and rife with illegal activity. Only way it will last is if it’s regulated. He wanted regulated

I have heard Trump say that he thinks bitcoin is a scam and that he wants the US tender to remain the dollar

Watch the video then make up your mind lots of interesting info either way.

Your fren may be right on some of this but he’s wrong in assuming, like most others in Crypto, that BTC is Bitcoin. BTC is centrally controlled by MASTERCARD through Digitay Currency Group. You might want to pay attention to the court case that started today in Miami. Kleinman vs Wright.