Good morning, kids. One year ago today. One. Friggin’. Year. And look where we are. I still grieve, and I will grieve until I draw my last breath, for what the Left did. It still boggles the mind to see how everything we believed was diamond-encrusted granite wrapped in a 100-foot thick solid iridium shell crumbled and vaporized right in front of our eyes. It was an illusion, while at the same time the reality of who and what did this was in our faces for decades. The blame lies equally with those who failed to do their duty to stop this as it does with the perpetrators. Not just in the time period between November 3rd and January 6th – the corruption was wide, deep and omnipresent by then – but in the years leading up to that day. It’s heartening (and terrifying) that parents at last are reacting to what is being done to their children’s minds and bodies. But that should have been the case long ago. Joe McCarthy tried to warn us but our forebears abandoned and shunned him – just as those that came after did to Trump and his allies, and especially we the people who still cherish a seemingly dead We The People.

In hindsight, it appears more and more that President Trump’s greatest accomplishment, beyond everything he achieved virtually singlehandedly that puts him in the pantheon of the greatest presidents, has been to expose the rot and corruption that had so thoroughly eviscerated the foundations of the republic and exposed for all to see the fact that our government was some sort of perverse fascistic oligarchy. I don’t think he even knew the extent of “the swamp” which ultimately consumed him, and us. He, too, could never imagine that the guardrails and firewalls that were supposed to protect us from self-destruction were just not there and in fact had been gone well before even he arrived on the scene. Or that even the most partisan of operatives would not dare cross the line and give in to the will to power, which is exactly what scores of them did on both sides of the aisle, the bureaucracy, the courts and of course the media. If that was his greatest failing, so too was it ours. 

But, no more illusions. And right now, I’m all cried out. But my anger has not only not diminished but has been stoked on a daily and sometimes hourly basis since last year. And so, that brings us to an election day with the main event being the Virginia gubernatorial race, with several others here and there including the race of mayor here in NYC.

Given everything we have learned about how 2020 was first rigged with mail-in voting, early voting, same-day registration, ballot harvesting and the gutting of even the barest of fig leafs of integrity laws, and then witnessed on that horrendous night and morning after of the mass ballot dumps when all of the former seemingly were not going to produce the intended outcome of a Biden “victory,” should you still go out and vote and will you go out and vote?

That is entirely up to you to decide. I’m not going to make a value judgement on either those who don’t or those who do. For sure, wherever Dems control the electoral processes, either whole or in part, some level of fraud on their behalf will occur. Therefore, it certainly seems that NYC is not going to see a Curtis Sliwa victory. Adams is being pimped as “moderate” which even in his most moderate incarnation he’s still at best a flaming liberal, if not a Marxist, and that’s bad enough. The only reason DeBolshevik won twice was because the GOP candidates were horrendous, and worse, the overall turnout was ridiculously low which allowed that lanky hunk of anal cancer to slither into Gracie Mansion. In a way, it’s too bad the Maoists didn’t steal the primary (as they tried to do with that insane “ranked choice voting”) since that might have been enough of an incentive to go for Sliwa. Or not.

“Comrade de Blasio,” real name Warren Wilhelm, took over as New York City’s mayor after five successive and successful terms with a Republican at the helm, two with Rudy Giuliani and three with Mike Bloomberg (who paid

 convinced the city council to let him run for a rare third term).

When de Blasio took over as mayor of NYC, it was like inheriting the 2009 championship Yankees. Eight years later, he is leaving the city looking more like the Detroit Tigers. Almost 200,000 people signed a petition to have him impeached. Nothing came of it because communists never quit. We might as well change the name of New York City to “Moscow on the Hudson. . . “

. . . The problem with New Yorkers is that they never learn. Better to be a woke lefty than a “racist right-winger.” Progressive mayoral Democrat candidate Eric Adams is likely to easily become New York City’s next mayor tomorrow. You get what you vote for, and New Yorkers are likely to vote for more murder and more mandates.

As I said, the Left controls the elections and you would have needed a 100% turnout of registered GOPers to even come close. And between mass immigration of illegal aliens, mass indoctrination of children of already braindead liberal parents and mass migration of normal people to Florida and elsewhere, NYC is more than likely a lost cause. And speaking of mass migration out of town, as of next summer, it will be in my rearview mirror as I finally leave for greener, and hopefully politically redder (party politics, not communist) pastures. 

But of course all eyes are on Virginia.

Political analysts say that Democrats are more likely to cast early ballots, which could explain why the 2021 numbers favor Democrats. However, voter turnout is going to be the deciding factor in Tuesday’s election. As the Washington Post reports, “About a third of the early ballots cast have been in heavily Democratic and voter-rich Northern Virginia, which could benefit McAuliffe if that translates to a higher overall turnout in the region.”

If the turnout in 2021 is the same 47.6 percent as in 2017, a total of 2.8 million ballots will be cast in the state, just 1.7 million more than have been cast to date. However, with increased access to voting and national attention on this race, voter turnout levels could reach the 59.5 percent they did in the 2018 midterm elections. If that is the case, then 3.5 million ballots will be cast, which is 2.4 million more than early ballots cast.

With the increasing enthusiasm and an education-focused election, these numbers could foreshadow good news on election day in Virginia for Youngkin. If most Democrats vote early and Youngkin wins the Republican vote and keeps his lead among independent voters, he would be in good shape in the election. However, if Democrats can continue their early voting patterns into election day, McAuliffe will likely be successful on Tuesday.This of course is conventional wisdom and of course assumes that those who are counting the votes are not of the Joe Stalin, or “Joe Stolen,” variety. And all things considered that should never be an assumption ever again. Not that the Left ever concedes defeat, even in a blowout. But if they do win this one, even by a vintage Ann-Margret red nether hair, they will not only claim this as a mandate but as a mandate to sic a weaponized Gestapo-like FBI/DoJ on parents and anyone who opposes the mind- and rape-raping of their children. Hell, if they lose, they’ll still be pushing for that.

Psaki-psircling back to choosing to vote or not, again, you have to decide what this all means. For those who are in the camp to no longer participate in what may be rigged elections, you’re going to have to figure out in both the short and long term what your options are going to be in terms of meeting the Leftist juggernaut face to face, as sooner or later we are all going to have to do. I’ll not elucidate here for obvious reasons.

So, one year later, I’m all cried out. But my rage at what happened and the nonstop rapid-fire depredations will not be quenched and continue to be stoked. That fire is not going to be put out any time soon.
Yup. What a long strange trip it’s been. How fragile it all is.

* * * * *