Lindsay Graham is part and parcel of the same globalist regime that destroyed America as founded. He’s a whore and a traitor who plays his part so long as they shove a Jackson in his extra-small jockstrap, every much the same as Pelosi, John Brennan or Vanilli Milley. 

Shut up about 2020 being stolen? No way Hose-B.

Bits and Pieces 1:

Two good links at American Greatness about the culture war being the reason for the Democrats getting their asses kicked 

My thoughts on Trump (and the Culture War) Won Virginia. The culture war was a winning strategy because the political divide is all about the culture and how it drives the way in which two sides wish to govern (one side wishing to rule). And as a corollary, the GOP-e lost every other election in which they shunned voters who prioritized the culture war, including and most especially abortion. Rush Limbaugh, of blessed memory, time and again recalled many an instance from his early years at parties and fundraisers being accosted by GOPer politicians begging him to shut up about the culture. We now know it’s not because they feared the electorate but because they feared the cocktail party circuit shunning them.

Politics is always downstream from culture. The GOP-e just never noticed it was pollution, and rather than protecting the ocean, they just put up a net to try and filter Love Canal/Chernobyl effluent.

The Culture War is confirmed to always have been the main battle front in the war for America. 3 or more generations of dumbed down and brainwashed children are proof positive.

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