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The Rockefeller Family has deep ties to the Bush Crime Family.

When Standard Oil was broken up, the Rockefeller Family, most likely, took over Saudi Arabia and controls the joker family there to hold people down.  

Tens of Trillions have been siphoned away from societies around the world by this Evil Alliance.  

These same folks are attempting to steal the entire United States of America.  The only thing that was stopping them was a decade or so of more True Americans (Americans that grew up with Freedom and weren’t EVER apologetic about it) dying off.

Fortunately, We the People voted in our Trump Card and sent them into a tizzy; forcing them to accelerate their plans.

We outnumber these psychopaths by over 1 million to 1.  

The crimes they have committed against humanity are so horrific that the death penalty doesn’t feel as though it goes far enough. 

Perhaps all of the assets being confiscated from all of them and their minions will help a We the People’s Reset?

–Bobby Piton, Telegram


Both, the RNC and DNC have been infiltrated by Communists.

Those communists in both political parties make up the UniParty that is underming our US Constitution and attempting to enslave us all. 

We the People need to expose all Corrupt Politicians and Candidates as the UniParty controls the Main Stream Media as well as “sell out” smaller alternative media operators. 

It’s not easy, and you might be attacked and threatened, but we have no choice.  We must expose the evil for what it is and bring Light to Darkness.

As a Candidate for US Senate, I will NEVER withhold material facts about candidates or politicians if it impacts We the People’s voting decisions. Regardless of the attempt to “make a deal” to stay quiet or face fallout.  

I’m tired of being told people might no longer support me if I tell the truth about other candidates in other GOP races.  

People that pull their support for me for exposing the Truth are not really Republicans and Constitutionalists, but rather UniParty supporters. 

How can one support Free Speech and Free Press and simultaneously penalize those that speak Truth about suspect politicians and candidates?

Stay Tuned, I’ll be sharing my thoughts using facts and my own personal dealings as to what helps me decide who to vote for.

Hopefully this will help better inform who you may want to vote for? 

If you agree with my approach and my America First platform, please consider supporting me at http://www.bobbypiton.com

God Bless and do your part to return America to We the People. 

We the People are the Plan!