“Trump got more infrastructure out of a bill using Biden than he ever could have got himself. Remember they wouldn’t even bring infrastructure to the floor when Trump was in…because it was Trump. Biden is getting ready to sign Trumps infrastructure bill…..amazing.” — Saint Richie

“Once you accept the fact McConnell is leveraged along with many key sectors you will realize how brilliant McConnell’s moves have been lately.

He forced the Dems to do a reconciliation bill with only democrat votes to get rid of the debt ceiling in early December and now he passed a stripped down infrastructure bill before the House bill and forced them to accept it or get nothing.

Guess who wins?

Thanks for playing”

— Joe Lange

“Durham’s telling a story with each indictment.

Durham told a story with his very first indictment, too, one that most people didn’t pay attention to.  It is literally impossible to say that Kevin Clinesmith was the only person involved in hiding Carter Page’s true association with the CIA from the FISA Court. Got that? It’s in the DOJ IG’s FISA Abuse report and the Clinesmith indictment.  Case Agent-1, whom many have identified as FBI Agent Stephen Somma, also knew the truth about Page’s real relationship with the CIA. And along with Clinesmith, Somma  took deliberate steps to hide that from the FISA Court.  Deal with it.

And you can’t limit it to just Clinesmith and Somma.  Durham will have the documentation to demonstrate the entire Crossfire Hurricane team and those supervising it, such as McCabe and Comey, knew the truth about Carter Page, just like they also knew Steele was working for Clinton, and they took incredible pains to hide this from the FISA Court to get the warrant granted, and then took incredible pains to continue hiding stuff from the Court while they got that warrant renewed three times.  You can’t argue with me about this. It’s public  record.

The only thing people have left to argue about is Will Durham do anything about what we already know happened, what’s already public record?.   THAT you can debate.

If Durham wants to start his indictments in chronological order, as Mark Wauck is spitballing at his Substack blog, it would make sense to start with the ‘ground floor’ foot soldiers who put the hoaxes together for their bosses:  Michael Sussman of Perkins Coie [Alfa Bank hoax] and Igor Danchenko [Steele Dossier hoax].  Sussmann was the guy most active in compiling, organizing and handing off the Alfa Bank hoax to the FBI. Elias was in a supervisory role.  Danchenko was the guy pumping his network of associates for Trump/Russia rumors and then passing on ‘Company Reports’ to Christopher Steele that ended up becoming  Steele Dossier entries.

What if you are appointed to be a Special Counsel, you are given a specific task…and you refused to do it, and instead spent 22 months and $32 million dollars making damn sure your investigation into Trump/Russia collusion activity in the 2016 election did not lead you straight to the Hillary Clinton campaign, Perkins Coie and Fusion GPS?  ShipwreckedCrew explores that thought here.  https://shipwreckedcrew.substack.com/p/the-sussmann-and-danchenko-indictments

Durham’s going where Mueller would have ended up if he’d been running an honest investigation.  Anybody wanna argue that one?

One thing Shipwreckedcrew never gets around to mentioning or factoring in: how Durham ended up having his own scope expanded to include a thorough review of how the Mueller SCO prosecuted the cases it handled.  And what possible role Sessions, Rosenstein and William Barr played in setting up that plot twist.

If Mueller had run an honest investigation, the names “Danchenko”, “Clinesmith”, “Sussmann”, “Dolan” would’ve been coming out in 2019 at the latest.  The role Perkins Coie and Fusion GPS played in inventing Trump/Russia collusion hoaxes would’ve been aired out by then. But that didn’t happen, did it?”

— Brian Cates