How to take the whole world hostage in 10 steps.

Step 1: Fund gain of function research and create a more potent common cold virus.

Step 2: Provide the public with fake video footage (tipping over Chinese in Wuhan and piles of coffins in Bergamo)

Step 3: Create a fraudulent test that results in >80% false-positives.

Step 4: Discriminate scientists who speak up against the madness. The Science ™ becomes the only truth.

Step 5: Keep testing the whole world to justify totalitarian measures with so-called ‘cases’. 

Step 6: Come up with experimental vaccines whose admissions are based on falsified data. Claim that they’re the only solution to get back to normal. 

Step 7: Run a 24/7 marketing campaign and discriminate against those who reject to be Guinea pigs of the global elite.

Step 8: Suppress the truth about effective therapies such as vitamin D, melatonin, ivermectin etc. and call them quackery. 

Step 9: Implement a compulsory vaccination by denying unvaccinated access to grocery stores and threatening them to lose their jobs.

Step 10: Declare unvaccinated people as murderers and terrorists. The door to totalitarianism and mass murder is wide open.

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