Kyle Rittenhouse’s riveting trial ordeal Nov. 10


The prosecutor was outrageous and obnoxious. He kept trying to make a case for premeditated, 1st degree murder which it clearly was not. Thank heavens there was a fair judge hearing the case who admonished the prosecutor several times for his persistent and harsh  questioning and violating the rules of the court.

It became obvious that neither the judge nor the jury was going to side with him after the way he continued to badger and pressure Rittenhouse to respond in the affirmative. Asking all these accusing questions aimed at trying to establish premeditation when it clearly was not. 

Rittenhouse should have told him that he was under attack and really didn’t have time to think about the well-being of his attacker. He was, at the time, concerned about his own life and well-being during a very stressful situation. 

In spite of all that, Rittenhouse was controlled, cooperative, and handled himself very well for someone his age. I’m sure the judge was impressed too. The defense has three more witnesses to question tomorrow and I believe this trial will be over with a not guilty verdict very soon.

#KyleRIttenhouse – Pool reporter in court: “When jurors walked by Rittenhouse after the judge called a recess to allow him to regain his composure, many looked up at him in apparent sympathy as he continued to cry. ”