So today please say a special prayer for all veterans. I did not serve in the military due to a physical impairment, and that broke a generational chain that dated back to 1775 and the loss during the 200 years following, four ancestors and the service of over 30 men and women from our family.

My father volunteered in Jan of ’42 although he was exempt as he was a Police Chief of a small town and was married and had one child at the time. But he signed up. He stayed in the reserves and was recalled for Korea.

My mother volunteered to work for the Army Corp of Engineers. Her brother signed, volunteered, and was in the Army Air Corp. He was a crew member of the old Reliable C-47 and he survived “three shoot downs”  and survived the controlled crash landings. But he never talked about that. Only the bravery of the soldiers who so many jumped to their eventual death from the planes he flew in.

HIs eventual wife, my aunt, volunteered for the Navy WACs they called them, and was stationed in Wash DC, 3000 miles from her home, as a 18 year old young woman whose duty it was to send out telegrams to the families of Sailors and Marines that were known to have given their ultimate sacrifice, and to arrange for the delivery of the families’ Gold Star and the Flag.  She died two years ago today at age at age 95. She put flowers on the graves of veterans every year in her home town up until the last one.                                                          

This bit of history is not bragging it is a tribute to great patriots and this history is not taught in schools anymore.