“Think bigger my friends 

The enemy “needs” a great reset because we are at the end of this debt cycle.

The constant nonstop money printing has been going on since they got rid of the gold standard.

But in 2008 the housing bubble changed things.

They began nonstop massive printing and haven’t stopped.

Do not make the mistake thinking this wasn’t all planned.

Remember what the enemies plan was.


The 16 year plan?

Obama for 8 years shredding the constitution and making the federal government all controlling.

Money printing like crazy and the wealth gap expanding massively.

All the connected people got wealthier and wealthier while us little people got poorer and poorer as the value of our money diminished big time.

It was theft of America’s wealth. 

They knew the economic implosion was coming!

You need to understand that point!

They were stealing as much wealth as they could before it happened.

Hillary was going to have 8 years in office to finish us off as not just the lone super power but “the shining city on the hill”.

Her job was to put a stranglehold on us and remove our liberties.

If you think Obama was bad, you have no idea what was in store for us if Hillary had won and Q told us that patriots in our military were going to do the drastic step of stopping it even though it would have led to civil war. Thankfully they helped insure a Trump win.

Hillary’s plan was for us to get in a nuclear war with Russia, who by the way had gotten rid of their central bank which is why democrats and our media demonize Russia.

That war was to destroy both us and Russia leaving China as the lone super power and military enforcer. All our manufacturing moved there. The One Belt One Road project by China letting them control trade and natural resources and the Yuan becoming the world’s “reserve” currency.

This was the plan.”

–Joe Lange, Spitballers on Telegram