And now for your daily dose of hopium… just kidding.

Back in July 2021[JB] said inflation would be terrible for the economy, but don’t worry it is transitory, if an economist says otherwise they are fools. Right?

Today he admits inflation is here. Yellen says they will not allow the 70’s to happen again, they will raise rates to control it, at least, that’s the cover story.

Trump maps out where this is all headed. The [DS] is now desperate, they want Trump’s plans for devolution, they are looking everywhere but are failing.

Patriots are in control. Trump is now letting everyone know he is running a shadow government. He is not hiding it anymore. The entire house of cards is about to come down and soon we are going to see the real President take his rightful place. The [DS] know there are only a few moves left and they are running out of time.