The Morning Report – 11/11/21

—J.J. Sefton

Good morning, kids. The weekend is here and what was supposed to be a show trial and public execution of Kyle Rittenhouse has turned into a complete fiasco for those baying for his blood, especially the current political party controlling the government. From the very first moment the video footage of the incident was released, coupled with multiple eyewitness accounts, it was crystal clear that Rittenhouse acted in self-defense. Although it has taken months, the actions of Derek Chauvin that led to the death of George Floyd as well as that of the J-6 political prisoners also show that their fates are wholly unjustified as well. And yet, here we are. And there they are, rotting in jail. Despite the overwhelming preponderance of evidence, Kyle Rittenhouse can thank his lucky stars for one huge stroke of luck: the rabid murderous savages who were inches from slaughtering him were white. We’ll see if the intimidation which has got to be a hell of a lot more than what has been revealed so far does indeed influence the jury. But I digress. 

With the persecution/prosecution morphing from Roland Freisler to Ronald McDonald in front of the whole world, the lily-white trash star witnesses have now been magically morphed by the propagandists into “white-blacks.” Kind of like a reverse George Zimmermann. Suddenly Kenosha, Chicago and a few dozen more blue shit-hole cities are all set to have their ashes doused with gasoline and set alight yet again because White-Black Lives Matter! Mostly peacefully, of course. 

If you have dipped your toe into the sewer that is social media (as I have for a very brief moment yesterday) and if you still have any friends or acquaintances who identify wholly or in part as having a leftward bent, you will no doubt be shattered at the absolute cognitive dissonance as to what is happening. They are completely divorced from reality to such an extent, it truly is terrifying. They truly believe that Kenosha burning over a criminal Jacob Blake, like dozens of other cities over the criminal George Floyd, was both justified and mostly peaceful, while Kyle Rittenhouse gunned down three peaceful civil rights activists in cold blood because he’s a white supremacist. True believer; it sounds vaguely familiar.

I posted a video in the sidebar of a man, Dr. Bernd Wollschlaeger, who tells an absolutely riveting tale of growing up the son of a Nazi officer, considered a “hero” by all who knew him and how the truth of what his father really was changed him forever. I cannot recommend watching it enough. So many people are amazed at how a nation and people like Germany could have over a period of only a few decades gone completely insane and slaughtered millions over Crackpot Race Theories (hint-hint). Germany and the world in general had been infected with the plague of anti-Semitism for two thousand years, so perhaps the leap from boycotting Jewish shops to the mass graves of the Einsatzgruppen and the gas chamber at Treblinka might not seem so farfetched. 

But look at what has happened here in the space of two decades. Even though the poisonous seeds planted only go back a few generations, the damage being inflicted and the potential for absolute catastrophe are plain to see. Unless of course one chooses not to see it or is in fact already a pod-person “fighting racism and fascism” by actually being the very thing they claim to be fighting. 

Stacey Lennox over at PJ Media has an interesting article on the radicalism of the progressives vis a vis the actual political/cultural tilt of America still being overwhelmingly conservative. 

In the current moment, a small number of white, college-educated progressives who strongly believe that America is no great shakes are co-opting the country. Professor-in-exile Bret Weinstein warned that the far left authoritarian ideology would spill out of the college campuses in 2018. After the riots during the summer of 2020, it happened at breakneck speed. Now, the loudest progressive voices that are willing to whip up action in the streets and want to reform our institutions completely have an outsized influence on the Biden [junta].

Yet, 94% of Americans disagree. A recent Harvard Harris poll confirms that the ideas and policies advocated by progressives are not popular with a large majority of Americans. Remember that the next time you see something about a mob coming for someone who offended the progressive orthodoxy. Or when your child comes home with racialized content that assigns characteristics to children based on the color of their skin. Often it only takes one or two people to stand against the mob before others rise up. Be the one who takes a stand.

Her justified invocation at the end excepted, the premise of this article misses a rather salient point. Election rigging notwithstanding, the mainstream of the Democrat Party and the GOP have always wanted an ever expanding, centralized government ever since FDR. They just “wrapped fascism in the American Flag and called it patriotism” as Huey Long is cited as saying.

Because of all the cultural rot over the past 60 or more years, as the old guard passes away, the youth have no compunction to even a fig leaf of being pro-American. In fact, a central tenet and policy pillar IS being openly anti-American. You make a big mistake in thinking that Biden (if/when he has a lucid moment) is any sort of “moderate” at all, when you look at him in the context of history. And now that everything they are doing – intentionally or unexpectedly – is shattering in a massive, flaming heap in front of their and our eyes, there can only be one response: double down over and over and over again while blaming all of us for our stupidity, recalcitrance and intransigence in not gleefully and willingly sticking our head in the noose and begging for more.

With that, I’ll conclude with something that made my vocal cords raw from alternately laughing and shrieking at the monitor:

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast,” Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) called for “aggressive action” on gas prices and responded to claims that inflation is transitory by asking, “What does transitory mean? Is it six months? Is it a year? Is it two years? Of course we’ve got to act.”

Khanna stated, “I’m of the camp that we’ve got to take aggressive action. I think he ought to tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. I think we ought to tell OPEC that we need the supply now. . . I think we ought to look for other energy sources and we ought to be investing heavily in renewable energy and electric vehicles so we reduce the demand. And then, ultimately, we have to look at what we can do on the price of things, the price of milk, look at the tools that the Ag Department may have to be able to engage in some form of relief. The ag secretary has a number of tools. But I understand it’s an issue. I’m back home. I’m hearing it from my constituents that prices have gone up and we can’t just wish this away. I mean, people say, well, it’s transitory. What does transitory mean? Is it six months? Is it a year? Is it two years? Of course we’ve got to act.”

RUFKM???? It. Is. To. Laugh. Ro Khanna isn’t a progressive. He’s a freaking Maoist. After the drooling, shitting, rotten kohlrabi was installed to run the show that they stole the election for, and is doing (for the most part) everything they’ve ever had a hard on for, yet falling all to pieces, Khanna is now imploring them to “do something!” Of course, by something he means more taxes, regulations and punishment for the capitalists and not of course, doing the exact opposite of what his, Khanna’s worldview, dictates. Deregulate everything to the barest of minimums, lower taxes, institute tariffs especially on China, stop spending, pay off the debt, drill for every last drop of oil, coal and gas right here and right now — in short, do the exact opposite of everything you believe in, Mr. Khanna. Change your spots. For the children!!!!

Cognitive dissonance isn’t just a river in Egypt, my friends. Meanwhile, Poland and Russia might be going to war and we have a new hostage crisis in Yemen.

Have a good weekend.* * * * *