“If they indicted Stephen Bannon for not complying, what do they now have to do to the other three who also did not comply with the subpoenas delivered to them on the same date?  What makes Bannon a special case?” — Brian Cates

☝️☝️ “Bannon is the only one from the list above who wasn’t working for the Trump admin during the electoral college vote. 

He’s also the only one from that list who I believe isn’t in the know or part of Devolution.

We’ll see if more indictments come but it will be rather telling  if they don’t come after anybody else.” 

🤔🤔 — Patel Patriot

And this is why the DOJ & the FBI targeted and abused their power to go after Steve Bannon & Project Veritas.

Do you see the connection? 

Bannon’s show The War Room, & Project Veritas truthful reporting exposing the lies, corruption & abuses.

They want you ignorant & deceived & controlled. They are leaking Project Veritas privileged communications to the New York Times to help the Times survive Project Veritas lawsuit.

And Bannon is another Truth outlet.

They want to deprive you of all sources of information they dont control.

“Who else remembers the Brookings Institution running to leak to the New York Times so they could whine about having had to surrender documents to Durham’s grand jury in February after having received a subpoena? At the time someone asked me “Why would Durham be interested in documents from Brookings on Danchenko from 2010? Shouldn’t he be focused on more recent stuff that’s not from 11 years ago?” 

When you remember that Danchenko was caught engaging in espionage activity while working for Brookings, was investigated by the FBI for it, fled the country, but then openly came back to work in DC again by 2015 while he’s right in the middle of the RussiaGate hoax? Why Durham is investigating that is kind of self-explanatory.  Here’s the column I wrote at UncoverDC when the NYT’s ran it’s story about Brookings subpoena from Durham: 


“The more the media & poticians become aware of devolution, the more Trump trolls them about his shadow government.

“Grenell is my envoy to Kosovo.”

Pompeo: “Looking forward to working with Glen Youngkin.”

Meadows: “Trump’s cabinet met this week.” 

Enjoy the show.”

Praying Medic

“If you remember from Part 13, I mentioned the NEFs. This Grenell news is important and is just another piece of evidence pointing to Devolution and its support of the NEFs.” – Patel Patriot

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