When people bring up Trump and Pence to me, one word always comes to mind. 


Same thing happens when they bring up Sessions, Barr, Milley, etc. 



For those who don’t realize what’s going, it looks like a real feud, a real fight, but they are being deceived (MilDec). 

For those who do see what’s really going on, it’s just kayfabe.

“It took me a while to realize that about Pence. IF Pence had not done what he did that day. The corruption would have been left UNEXPOSED. We would have had mass riots (supported and paid for by the lefts socialists ( Just like there will be after the verdict in Kyle R’s trial) So many people have woken up (That would still be asleep) IF Pence had done what most feel was the right thing to do.

Pence was and is taking slings of arrows for the people to get the truth out. THAT’S RIGHT THE PEOPLE, IT IS THE PEOPLE NOT TRUMP, NOT PENCE THAT MUST DEMAD THE TRUTH IN EVRY STATE AND EVERY ELECTION. OUR country is at stake, our freedom is at stake, Right now our very lives are at stake from the left.

Would you have seen any of this truth if Pence had not done what he did? NO.

I know it’s painful, it is for me too. But it is obvious, the people had to see it for themselves. They had to have the left prove their true intent. Pray everyone, that the evil in this country is exposed and removed from this country.  Stand up pray and demand free and transparent elections in our country.” — Dawn Edwards, TELEGRAM