It’s not “breaking” news to us, we knew this. We knew because we took the time to research it ourselves and/or to find credible people who did. 

Now the “normie” media is finally catching up. 



JJMil, Telegram:

Here’s my morning spitball, piecing together some of the most recent clues… 

President Trump public statements:

•  “We are going to be taking office and it’s not going to be very long.”

•  “We’re going to be back and it’s moving faster….think of it, a YEAR is almost up.”  

President Trump Press Release 11/8/21:

•  “The great Patriots of Arizona are anxiously awaiting the Attorney General’s review of the large-scale Election Fraud that took place during the 2020 Presidential Election. The findings of the Forensic Audit Report were clear and conclusive….”  

“….The Arizona Legislature (and other States!) should, at a minimum, decertify the Election. The American people deserve an answer, now!” 

Election Audit news:

•  74 Georgia Counties Can’t Produce Original 2020 Election Ballot Images, which is more than the margin of victory in GA – Prompting calls for decertification.

Durham indictments:

•  After the Igor Danchenko, arrest, we learn that a current Sr official in the Biden admin, Jake Sullivan is connected. He was the Clinton campaign’s top foreign policy advisor, and is now serving as Biden’s National Security Advisor.

Economic News:

•  PPI – wholesale producer prices rose 8.6% year over year, their highest annual pace in nearly 11 years, according to the Labor Dept.

•  CPI – Consumer price index comes in at a rise of 6.2% from last year, vs. 5.9% estimate, considerably hotter than expected – biggest jump since 1990.

•  JUST IN –  China Evergrande Group officially defaults – German creditor DMSA prepares bankruptcy proceedings against the property giant. 

Taken together, it appears that we may see some major things coming together IMO.  Pres Trump calls for decertification, not just in AZ but in other states.  Decertification of several states could be one of the quickest routes to triggering 11.3, End of Occupation, which I believe would immediately launch the military stepping in. 

 At the same time, Durham appears to be doing a drip-drip-drip of indictments, which may lead to a flood.  And Pres Trump’s repeated references to 1 Year, may have more meaning than we realize, with regard to the timeframe for this operation!