I hate admitting how stupid I am, or how often I have to admit this, but, see, I’ve never seen this in the wild. So… I thought these pictures were… photoshops.

Rather than what they are, which is unaltered photos of real gas pumps affixed with “I Did That!” stickers available on Amazon.

If you see Joe Biden’s picture on a gas pump these days, it’s not a tribute to his amazingly successful energy policy.

The stickers — with Biden pointing to the $3.50 a gallon gas price and saying “I did that!” — are part of a Republican guerrilla campaign to undermine the Democratic administration. They’ve gone viral online.

And it’s cheap and easy.

A 100-pack of the stickers is going for just six bucks on Amazon.

The stickers are popular enough to have spawned sequels…

Those last ones are available here.

They’re for use on laptops only, wink wink wink.

Kurt Schlichter is fond of rebutting the NeverTrump scolds — who, funny thing, always think that everything actual conservatives like doing is the wrong thing to do (almost as if they’re simply culturally left-liberals who hate conservatives, and define themselves exclusively in opposition to the Deplorables!) — by citing Saul Alinsky’s Rule 6: “A good tactic is one people enjoy doing.”

Note all the NeverTrumpers are falling on to their Margaret Dumont Fainting Couches over Let’s Go Brandon, too.

They’re not pro-integrity — they’re just anti-conservative.