NOW – Kyle Rittenhouse’s reaction after being acquitted on all charges by the jury.

NEW – Many U.S. media outlets and journalists labeled Kyle Rittenhouse, who acted in self-defense, a mass murderer or worse, and may now face defamation lawsuits – reports.



Jack Posobiec

“Make no mistake what this trial was about.  The Riot Summer of 2020 was a test run.  It was an experiment by certain people.  They fully intend to keep tweaking what they were doing and when they are ready they’ll send Antifa and BLM back out into the streets of multiple US cities in a coordinated attack.  They needed Kyle Rittenhouse to be convicted and sent to prison as an example to the rest of us.  Do not for one second underestimate their need for that outcome.  They can’t have armed citizens defending businesses from rioters and looters while their Progressive mayors stand down the police as they give they bussed-in mobs ‘space to destroy.  They cannot have that.  This was a perfect example to be made to send a message to all of America: when our boots are on the neck of your city and we’re destroying businesses and burning down buildings in your town STAY THE HELL OUT OF OUR WAY.  Stay home.  Don’t try to stop the agenda.  Accept it.” — Red Hat Frogs, Telegram