Kyle won because of independent media being there to tell the truth 

Corporate media would have railroaded him

Independent media there on the scene providing video to the jury won out in the end – Jack Posobiec

Video won the case

Clear and simple

Independent media showed their value to this nation today

The energy has shifted

The Regime is losing its grip. People are waking up. They want their country back.

Somewhere the 5 boys who were victimized by Joseph Rosenbaum are glad this day has come

Binger is going to be throwing his Star Wars figures around the room and Lunchbox is going straight to Pizza Hut

BREAKING: Kyle Rittenhouse Could Face Federal Charges As Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler Calls For Biden DOJ Review

The Regime will strike back

Luke 11:21

When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe.

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