The Forces of “Woke” Lose To The Forces of Justice

Kyle Rittenhouse Was Supposed To Be Sacrificed To The “Woke” Narrative

Brian CatesNov 20
Kyle Rittenhouse Trial: Jury Finds Him Not Guilty On All ...
Kyle Rittenhouse hugs one of his lawyers after being found not guilty.

In the first part of this series, I discussed why the Progressive Democratic mayors of many of the cities across America who suddenly found their locales beset by highly organized simultaneous rioting opted for the ‘space to destroy’ strategy first enunciated by former Baltimore, Maryland mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. 

Whether due to overt sympathy with the stated racial grievances supposedly motivating most of the destruction and mayhem, or because of financial considerations, or because of both, many mayors decided on a hands-off approach that avoided any direct confrontations with the mobs rampaging through their streets. 

The goal at the end of all of this was for the city authorities to boast that their ‘containment and non-confrontation’ strategy had ‘worked’; that whatever amount of damage had been inflicted, it was the best possible outcome, as directly confronting the rioters would have only prolonged the rioting and let to more damage.

Face to face protestor and riot police in Baltimore : pics

This goal is and always was utter nonsense. The cities should have been locked down and order restored on the very first night of the rioting; and most certainly by the second night. By giving the rampaging hordes pretty much free reign inside a designated zone of the city, the amount of damage to the city being inflicted was greater, not lesser, than it otherwise would have been. 

The final tally of people killed by rioters during that awful summer of 2020 pales in comparison to the two people shot by 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha. 

It’s a most curious feature of the media’s coverage of the fallout from the Summer of Rioting in 2020 that the only people who died that have had their images plastered everywhere in the news media is that of the three particular people shot by Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin. [I am deliberately not going to be showing their pictures here]

In point of fact rioters caused the deaths of 30+ people during that summer, including the death of retired police officer David Dorn, who was gunned down by criminal looters as he tried to protect a friend’s business in St. Louis, Missouri. 

Funeral arrangements announced for David Dorn, former ...
Retired police officer David Dorn, gunned down by looters in St. Louis, Missouri

Many of those killed by the rioters and looters were black, just as Dorn was. 

David Underwood
Italia Marie Kelly
David McAtee
Chris Beatty

There is absolutely nothing besides a stupid political narrative that decrees that the lives of Rosenbaum and Huber or Grosskruetz are somehow worthy of more attention and honor than those of David Underwood, Italia Marie Kelly, David McAtee or Chris Beatty. 

But Dorn and these 30+ other victims of mob ‘justice’ are conveniently already forgotten in what I have come to call the “Big Brother Media Matrix”, a sick combination of both Orwell’s “1984” and the sci-fi film “The Matrix”, where everything those still trapped inside of it are allowed to see is tightly controlled by rigid censors who relentlessly push slanted propaganda. 

Why is Dorn and over two dozen others quickly memory-holed, but in the interest of trying to ensure Rittenhouse is sent to prison for the rest of his life, we see the attackers who tried to kill him that night and who’s attacks he defended himself against lionized into saints and heroes, their images plastered everywhere? 

A preference for the memory of violent felons shot while attacking a 17 year old is not the only strange phenomenon we’ve been watching since last summer.

Protesters demand that cities 'defund the police ...

For the last year many of these Democratic governors and mayors and politicians in Washington DC have been absorbed in discussions with Black Lives Matters about defunding their own police departments. They had these discussions last summer as their police were taking the brunt of the damage from all the rioting that was allowed to go on…and on…and on. 

In places such as Seattle and Minneapolis, entire police precincts were abandoned and extensively damaged. 

In one of the worst examples of political cognitive dissonance ever recorded, we have spent the last year watching many of these cities gleefully throwing up salutes to BLM as they defunded their police departments…and then begin suffering massive crime waves, the cause of which completely mystifies them. 

Well actually none of them are really mystified about what’s happening. They just have to pretend to be clueless about it. 

Ideological propaganda and tribalism leads otherwise sensible people to engage in indefensible conduct. Many sane people in positions of influence in these large blue cities fully understand in private that the defunding of their police departments is directly related to the shocking rise in violent crime that is occurring. But because they are proud members of their tribe, they also understand they are not allowed to discuss this out in the open or they’ll get in trouble. 

As I’ve been saying for a long time now, things won’t change in any of these blue urban cities until enough of that ‘tribe’ is voted out of office and replaced by people who are not captive to the tribalism that forces people into doing insane things. 

This needs to happen soon while these cities still have functioning police and first responder departments. 

Not only did the police in these blue cities bear most of the brunt of the rioting, but due to the insane policy of defunding, the fewer officers that are left on the beat are facing the rising crime and violence. 

There is a vast culture war underway in America right now, and that is what was starkly seen in that courtroom in Kenosha, Wisconsin for the past two weeks. 

The city authorities in Kenosha became determined to make a scapegoat of Kyle Rittenhouse, as a way to absolve themselves for their stupid and utterly useless failed ‘space to destroy’ policy against the mob in their town last summer. 

Mayor John Antaramain was all set to claim – once it was all over – that he’d done a brilliant job ‘containing’ the riot and had not made things worse by ‘confronting’ the rioters. 

Whatever amount the damages to businesses turned out to be, he could always claim such damages would have been far greater without his brilliant strategy of ‘containment’ and waiting for the mob to calm down. 

Kyle Rittenhouse is found NOT GUILTY on all counts ...

And then according to Antaramain and the city powers of Kenosha, Kyle Rittenhouse and several others showed up armed with rifles on the third night of rioting and ruined everything. 

See, they had it all under control. The mob would have calmed down eventually. They were certain of it. And then a bunch of yahoos armed with rifles appeared and it was like throwing gas on a fire. 

Kenosha Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger pointing a rifle with his finger on the trigger

As was made clear by the arguments of Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger during the course of Rittenhouse’s trial, the city’s position was that Rittenhouse provoked the mob into attacking him by pointing his AR-15 rifle at several people, and thus he had no right to self defense. 

After reviewing the evidence, the jury thought otherwise, and found Rittenhouse not guilt of the five charges against him. 

Video evidence and testimony shown in the courtroom lead to the verdict that Rittenhouse had not, in fact, provoked the mob into attacking him by pointing his rifle. 

After a year of spectacularly wrong media coverage about what happened that night in Kenosha, the truth emerged in the courtroom. It was heard, and Rittenhouse has walked free. 

Despite the best efforts of some to corrupt the outcome, and loud angry demands that the jury return the ‘correct’ politicized verdict, our court system can still function and the truth can emerge. 

Those calling for evidence to be ignored and that events proceed at all costs according to their political narrative have suffered a major blow here. Perhaps they had been lulled into believing because they are powerful in the illusory Big Brother Matrix Media World, they had reached the point they could always dictate events in the real world. 

They wanted this Rittenhouse verdict to demonstrate to that other half of America that The Woke Have Won, and that they will make an example out of anyone that resists the BLM/Antifa agenda. 

Majority View Antifa as Unfavorable; Plurality Find Black ...

Because make no mistake here. BLM/Antifa fully intend to riot again. The Summer Riots of 2020 were only a warmup for them. They have vast changes in mind for this country, and they have overtly said many times over and over they have no problem whatsoever using violence and riot mayhem to get things where they ‘need’ to go. 

The people who networked and coordinated together to launch multiple simultaneous riots in over a dozen major US cities have not gone anywhere. They are now merely lying in wait, watching for their next opportunity. 

As they wait, it became important to them that the parts of America that are not down with the ‘woke’ cause have a very strong message sent to them about what happens to people who resist their agenda. 

That’s why the jury returning the verdict that it did is causing a wave of cognitive dissonance in the Fake News Media. The Corporate Media is completely onboard with the woke agenda, and they did everything they could to fix this, to get to the ‘correct’ outcome…and it involved a massive amount of lying and omission for them to do that. 

This is far from the first time Fake News got basic facts about a story intentionally wrong in an attempt to drive towards a defined politicized outcome. The Duke NonRape Case, The UVA fake rape scandal, The Trayvon Martin case, the list could go on. 

That the corporate mainstream media prejudges cases and roots for specific politicized outcomes is just one of it’s gross sins. We’ve spent the last year watching that same media

  1. Deny the election theft of 2020, and ruthlessly censor discussion of it
  2. Censor the Hunter Biden laptop scandal
  3. Rigidly control national discourse about COVID therapeutics, while promoting mass vaccinations

By trying to clamp down with such a heavy hand, the elitist oligarchy only ends up waking more people up to truth: that there is a viable and powerful movement underway to destroy this country from within. 

And patriots will never let that happen. 

So although I know that cabal is out there planning it’s next round of rioting, I’m not worried because more American patriots are now awake than ever, and they too are doing their networking and getting ready for the challenge of saving their country from those who would destroy it.