While the (inevitable) loss of both houses of Congress will be a grave blow to the political left, a much more catastrophic scenario that could cause the mother of all meltdowns has been floated by Trump’s former White House Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows.

On Thursday, Meadows, who also chaired the House Freedom Caucus, appeared on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” where he suggested that Trump himself could be the man who takes control of the House Of Representatives once voters have pried the Speaker’s gavel from the clutches of Nancy Pelosi.

During a discussion on the grim political landscape for Democrats next year and the surprise retirement announcement of Rep. G. K. Butterfield whose North Carolina district is suddenly in play, Meadows remarked that even “Pee Wee Herman has better polling numbers than Joe Biden,” whose approval ratings have now entered an irrecoverable death spiral, dragging the rest of his party along with them.

Then Meadows dropped the bomb.

“I would love to see the gavel go from Nancy Pelosi to Donald Trump, you talk about melting down.” said the former GOP congressman.

“People would go crazy. As you know you don’t have to be an elected member of Congress to be the speaker,”  he added, “She would go from tearing up a speech to having to give the gavel to Donald Trump,” referring to the spiteful Pelosi’s tearing up her copy of the State Of The Union address on national television in 2020.

“Oh, she would go crazy,” he predicted.
Meadows’ words echoed like a thunderbolt of dread across Twitter as TDS sufferers vented and conspiracy theorists crawled out of the woodwork to express their shock and horror over such an unthinkable idea.

Others might suggest that Meadows’ remarks weren’t so much of a prediction that Trump could become speaker but rather that current House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy won’t.

The California Republican has been harshly criticized for his fecklessness, inability to keep his caucus unified, and for the failure to reign in loose cannons like malicious actor Liz Cheney. Meadows’ comments can be interpreted as the kiss of death for McCarthy’s hopes for the speakership once Pelosi has been spent packing.

On Friday, Pelosi basked in the glory of the passage of Biden’s social engineering boondoggle spending package as Democrats chanted “Build Back Better” in a creepy scene that was reminiscent of a cult ceremony shortly before members broke for the Kool-Aid vats.

The jubilation was surreal in the chamber as it is likely to be short-lived once the voters have ousted the radicals. And while it is likely only a dream for Meadows, there would be nothing that would overwhelm suicide hotlines in deep blue strongholds than replacing Pelosi with her hated nemesis Trump.