The acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse should not have come as a surprise to anyone following the facts rather than corporate media narratives.

The verdict vindicates the right of self-defense and demonstrates that an American jury is capable of separating lies propagated by the media from the facts of the case and the applicable legal principles.

In this respect, the blizzard of lies propagated by corporate media outlets and Big Tech companies was no match for the American constitutional system.

Yet, the whole ordeal came at a great cost. The fact is that persistent, reckless corporate media lies — about Jacob Blake’s felonious conduct, about Blake being “unarmed,” and about the response of the police officer — fueled a dangerous mob that laid waste to Kenosha and landed Kyle Rittenhouse in the crosshairs of that mob. 

Accountability is needed.

First, Kyle Rittenhouse needs to sue every corporate media outlet and every moronic commentator who smeared him into oblivion.

Second, states need to make sure that those falsely smeared by corporate media have adequate recourse under state law to bring defamation actions.

Third, entities who advertise on corporate media outlets that routinely lie and defame innocent people should be held accountable for facilitating defamatory material and false narratives.

Those in corporate media who peddle lies and partisan narratives are among the least reputable members of society and they shouldn’t be able to divide our communities and smear people with impunity.

Yes, the jury system worked. But the fact that it got to this point illustrates that we have a lot of work to do. 

I’ll be doing my part and I hope you will too.