The various branches of the military and many military units have mottos that sum up their missions. The slogans speak volumes about the character of the men and women who serve in uniform. Here are a few of the mottos – some official, some unofficial – of those who defend us.

Army – This We’ll Defend

Navy – Non sibi sed patriae (Not for self, but for country)

Air Force – Above All

Marine Corps – Semper Fidelis (Always Loyal)

Coast Guard – Semper Paratus (Always Prepared)

National Guard – Always ready, always there

U.S. Military Academy (West Point) – Duty, Honor, Country

U.S. Naval Academy – Ex Scientia Tridens (From Knowledge, Sea Power)

U.S. Coast Guard Academy – Scientiae Cedit Mare (The sea yields to knowledge)

Green Berets – De Oppresso Liber (To liberate the oppressed)

Army Rangers – Sua Sponte (Of Their Own Accord) and Rangers Lead the Way

Army Corps of Engineers – Essayons (Let us try)

Navy Seals – The only easy day was yesterday

Seabees – Construimus, Batuimus (We Build, We Fight) and Can Do!