by CBD over at Ace’s place

Thanksgiving Dinner is quintessentially American (even if America’s Hat tried to steal it), but it can be overwhelming if not seen for what it truly is: an opportunity to join family and friends for a day of pleasure in each other and in the still undeniable glory of living in the greatest country in history.

So don’t get caught up in the details. If your turkey is overdone…so what? If the potatoes are lumpy and sticky…so what? If nobody brought a pecan pie and you (horror of horrors) didn’t bake one…so what? If the ice cream melted and the oven broke and you have to eat scrambled eggs…so what?

It is the pleasure of the day and the people around you that matters (the meal is a delightful, or not-so-delightful bonus). And if that is everyone in your world, good for you. If that is just you and one or two others, then good for you. And if you are alone but not by choice, then next year come to my house for Thanksgiving, or to the many Morons who frequent this crazy place who would be honored to have you at their tables.