“It looks like the case for military stepping in has been bolstered after watching Dr Frank on Pete Santilli show.  He states that the “standing” argument is moot now and after Mike Lindell presents all the evidence for this case, over Thanksgiving, that the people will see the truth.   If the Court turns it down again this shows they are corrupt ( captured).  The next step “IMO”is for our military to step in.  We cannot continue as a nation with the highest court in the land under siege.” – Spitballer

Meet the Spitballers. If you aren’t familiar with the channel, here’s a description:

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Now, duck in and read a thread of Spitballers’ chat in which some folks are “spitballing” about if Biden really did get a colonoscopy:

  • I just feel like there was an ulterior motive why all this went on. I don’t believe any procedure was done either. That’s why I think there is something bigger here.
  • Same feeling.  I can’t see him getting the prep right for a colonoscopy.  That’s over 12 hours staying on task to clean yourself out.😂.  He would not have survived the prep.  Colonoscopy didn’t happen, that’s my spitball.🤔😂😂😂
  • The time under was 85 minutes. However whenever you are under anesthesia you are required to sign waivers and agreements that you will not make any legal decisions for 24 hours. I’ve often been told that technically that include debit/credit card purchases because that is a legal agreement that you will pay those debts or you have that money in the account. 
  • So in actually he would not have been able to legally perform his duties of running the country for 24 hours.
  • You know, that’s another great point!  I had a minor procedure under twilight last month and they had that on the instructions! And I’m not 78 with dementia.
  • I’m 39 and have been having colonoscopies at least annually since 18. The effects of the anesthesia can vary a lot depending on how well the anesthesiologist regulates the drugs. I’ve ranged from waking up quicker than after a nap and have no noticeable effects all the way to not remembering a thing the entire rest of the day. 
  • There definitely is a reason that they have those instructions in there.
  • Something I’m going to say about the by the physical and colonoscopy. Any information that is released from the media about what did take place with MSM, I am not inclined to believe. Didn’t Rush Limbaugh talk about if the media says something don’t believe it? Why should I believe anything they say about their actual physical actually taking place or colonoscopy I don’t care if they make up data about blood pressure sugar levels Etc. It’s a little disappointing that everybody was talking about it as if it was a fact.
  • Biden has two surgeries in 1988 to correct brain aneurisms. This would result in a lifetime of blood pressure control.  This latest PR related to procedures and results doesn’t add up to this person.
  • Maybe the physical was an earlier day? I agree…no one does colonoscopy and physical same day.
  • He didn’t have the “cognitive test”.  Probably cause they knew he would fail it!!!  I thought ALL Presidents had that included in their yearly physicals??   JMO I guess!  He had physical, if you believe that either???  I don’t believe anything the press reports anymore!, that’s just me!
  • Yes.  👆 this.  Most colonoscopies are performed under deep sedation.  It isn’t usually the same depth of anesthesia you would for major surgery.  Routinely they give a combination of versed for relaxation and then propofol (Michael’s milk). Sometimes they may add a narcotic.  Propofol is very effective in providing the sedation, however it is relatively short acting and once the propofol drip is stopped, the patient wakes up pretty quick.  However, the older we get, the slower meds are metabolized.  Regardless, like you said, discharge instructions always say “No important or legal decisions for 24 hours”.  I think the entire announcing him giving Presidential control over to Harris is a big optic thing.  We’ve never heard that when other Presidents have had procedures.  It’s a given fact that the VP steps into that role when the President is incapacitated.  Too much it’s being made of this whole colposcopy. 

Now think about this part too.  There is NO way they could have done a cognitive assessment following his colonoscopy on Friday.  His mental state would have been considered altered from the medications.  So they would NOT have completed one at that time.  We all know his mental state isn’t normal anyway but the thought process that it even could have been assessed on Friday is nonsense.

What do YOU think? Did Biden get a physical? Was this a way to get him out of the way for Kamala to do “something?” I heard she asked for the nuclear code, but the military in charge said NO.

Your thoughts?