From Qtah on Telegram:

I think it’s important to highlight Ghislaines devotion to her father 👆. When you begin to understand who Robert Maxwell was, the positions of power he held and where his loyalty lied then things become more clear. Also Epstein had gotten his career start by her father Robert Maxwell. 

What was Epstein in the business of? Honey pots and blackmail. This does have to do with human trafficking. Ask yourself why they used human trafficking though? Power and control. Blackmail was Epstein’s and Maxwell’s expertise. 

Who did they serve? 👀

This is a huge chunk of information. Begin to dig here & you’ll see just how mighty the spider web is. 🕸

‘Chasing Ghislaine’ doc reveals Maxwell’s daddy issues with Jeffrey Epstein. 

“She wanted to be like her father,” journalist Vicky Ward told The Post, referring to media tycoon Robert Maxwell. “It’s critical in understanding why a man like Jeffrey Epstein would have been so extraordinarily compelling to her.”

Ward’s new three-part docuseries, “Chasing Ghislaine,” premiering Monday on Discovery+, explores the eerie parallels between Maxwell’s blind allegiance to her “ruthless” father and her unflinching devotion to convicted pedophile Epstein.

When former boyfriend Epstein once walked into his East Side office at the posh Villard Houses with a young woman and the two ducked into a separate room, Maxwell looked the other way.  

“You really don’t have to put up with this,” a friend said to Maxwell afterwards, according to Ward.

Maxwell’s response? “Yes, I do. My father taught me you do whatever it takes to keep your man.”