by Tomcat628

Last Tuesday was supposed to be the big announcement… 20+ Attorneys General will present their document to the U.S. Supreme Court, arguing their case claiming Chinese intervention in the 2020 Presidential election.

What’s the deal… Is this just another dead end deal with no hope of ever succeeding, in the first place?

Short answer… NO.

Below is 22 minutes of video from 3 hours of video recorded yesterday from Steve Bannon’s Warroom… it airs, daily 10-noon  5-6PM.; watch on big screen TV VIA ROKU download free americasvoice app.

There is no point of me trying to provide a transcript…it’s too complicated…..all I can do is provide an overview & you watch the 22 minutes, at your leisure, in lieu of any 1 hr. news show you would normally watch…..Amen.

The audit efforts are on 2 paths:
1. Lindell’s efforts to have Attorneys General, who have the standing, to present the case to the S.C.
2. Audits at the individual state level.

In the last 2 minutes of the video, attorney Boris Epshteyn comments on the ongoing efforts at the state level… he promises more Monday so let’s just review #1.

It’s really eye opening to see the level of resistance by Republicans… in this case Republican State Attorneys General, to do what they swear to do… protect their state.

One state, Alabama, tries to tell us that their election was perfect… they were not online. False: They are on a statewide network… at any point it could be hacked to alter information in the machines.

Having said that, we do not need 50 AGs. Lindell reports that a number of AGs want to meet after Thanksgiving to coordinate their efforts. They are busy fighting mandated vaccinations…now kiddie vaccinations… fair enough.

An 82 page document has been prepared… they tell us the information is solid and the AGs have the “standing” to present it to the S.C.

We can view the document at frank
Click on Supreme court Complaint… the 3 minute introduction by Lindell…..then click on view document.

So, hopefully, we will see this go to the Supreme Court…of course, what they do with it, is the question…..Let’s just get it submitted & see what happens.

That’s everything I know, this morning about this Supreme Court effort.

In the big picture, I am cautiously optimistic.

Biden’s poll numbers are a disaster. Trump continues to retain, virtually, all of the 80 million supporters who voted for him….he will probably be re elected in 2024

We expect Republicans to have big wins in the House & Senate, in 2022. The caveat here, is that the winners need to be MAGA winners… more RINOs.

Matt Goetz was on Bannon during the week. Steve asks Matt… what good is winning Congress when Biden can veto anything sent to him?

Love Matt’s reply…..we will not send anything to Biden that he can veto. On day 2 after being sworn in, subpoenas will be flying to drag Democrats before various committees…..let’s hope some end up with prison time.

Matt reports that Paul Ryan never issued one subpoena. We are preparing subpoenas TODAY to be ready after the 2022 election.

That brings us to next month, December.

The Senate will be negotiating the bankrupt-the-country budget.

What will Manchin & Sinema do?

Will McConnell join the Uni Party and support the Democrats in their effort to convert us to a Marxist country? If they succeed…..time to turn out the lights.

Besides the above, we have RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel telling us that Biden won the election.

Mike Pence recently proclaimed that he will support every Republican Governor…..which includes Kemp – Ga and Ducey – Az……..both have blocked efforts to review the election results in their states.

Mike Pence has promised to support incumbent GOP governors against their Trump-backed challengers.

With friends like this…