When your brother is an abuser 
And you’re doxxing his accuser 
That’s a-Cuomo!

When you’re fired for lies
At the network of lies
That’s a Fredo.

November 30, 2021

CNN: We’ve (Wink, Wink) Decided to “Suspend Chris Cuomo Indefinitely”


This statement issued by CNN — and typed up by in-house flacks Tater and Oliver Darcy — sounds like a lot of bark, but I doubt it will have much bite. I’ve screencapped it to deny CNN any traffic.

Donald Trump is gloating, but… I think this is premature.

This is a smokescreen, this is all fake.

Remember, Chris Cuomo lied about having been under “super-strict” lockdown under covid — he used those exact words.

But we know he got into a fight with a bicyclist who caught him out-of-doors at a different property while he was infected, and talked about this fight on a radio show — and then staged a fake “re-emergence” from his basement.

This was all a lie. Everyone knew it was a lie.

CNN ran it anyway, for ratings.

CNN is in the business of lies.

Why does anyone think that CNN is going to deviate from its business model and fire Fredo for doing what CNN does on the daily?

OVERHEARD…comments from the peanut gallery

Remember when they (MSM) “suspended indefinitely” Brian Williams ? and Dan Rather ?? yeah… tell me another.

They brought Jeff Toobin back. I doubt this fuckin’ ‘tard will be gone for long.

In normal times I would agree that this is just performance theater but with CNN about to change leadership and the new guy talking about cleaning house and going back to actual news reporting it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Fredo is gone for good. 

It would allow current leadership to act responsible.