Deb Heine has a good write-up of the bodycam footage from the arrest of the MSNBC reporter who got caught trying to dox the Rittenhouse jurors.

What comes through, she says, was the “producer” and his boss back in New York City half-admitting their doxing missing but also trying to weasel out of admitting it at the same time.

Kenosha police on Tuesday released the body camera video of the November 17 stop. James Morrison, the driver of the vehicle, identified himself as an NBC producer.

“Were you following a vehicle?” Officer Jones asked.

“I was trying to see—I was being called by New York—going maybe these are the people you need to follow, but I don’t know,” Morrison sputtered incoherently. “I was trying to—”

“Trying to what?” Officer Jones asked impatiently.

“I was just trying to do what they told me to do,” Morrison explained weakly.

“New York told you to follow a vehicle?” the officer demanded.

“Yes,” the producer replied.

“How did they know about this vehicle?” the officer inquired.

“I mean it was discreet,” Morrison stammered. “I wasn’t like—you know—trying to talk to anybody. Just trying to find a location—that’s all.”

Trying to find… a location? Like jurors’ homes?

The producer in New York, Irene Byon, confirmed they were in fact looking for the jurors’ homes.

She again stressed that NBC wasn’t trying to talk to these people—they were only trying to find out where they lived.

“By no means were we trying to get in contact with any of the jury members, or whoever was in the car,” she insisted. “We were just trying to see like where, um, where key players in the trial may be at.”