👇👇👇Sharing the amazing clip of Fauci again. People had to see this for themselves. You couldn’t just tell them verbally, you couldn’t have made the claim to them that these arrogant elites would do this. They would not have believed you, that hundreds of thousands of illegals streaming into the country untested, unmasked and unvaxxed was perfectly fine, it’s “a different issue”, even as they get ready to try to lock American citizens down again while relentlessly pushing vaccine mandates.

Doocy: “You advised the president about the possibility of new testing requirements for people coming in to this country, does that include everybody?” 

Fauci: “The answer is yes.”

Doocy: “What about … these border crossers?” 

Fauci: “That’s a different issue.” 🤡 

Brian Cates:

“I guarantee you Fauci thought he gave a terrific answer to that question. They’re blind to what they are revealing about themselves. I approve.”